Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hi all,

I was browsing my favourite blogs and came across THIS one from a few weeks ago by Danielle (ablogfromblackpool) and decided to be a total copy-cat and take a few snaps of my bedroom, too.

I enjoy having a sneak peek into other people's houses and I'm pretty sure all of you lot do as well. So here is a little look into the room I have occupied for the last twenty or so years, and where I spend most of my time when I'm not out of the house.

As soon as you walk in the door of my room, to the left you'll see my fisheye vintage mirror. I took this home when we had to gut the studios at my old Uni. I couldn't let it be chucked in the skip, so here it is hanging, pride of place on my wall...and here's me in my Pyjamas, hi!

Next you see my bookshelves with my 'Junk Shop' laughing Buddha who welcomes you into the room. I always give his head a rub before I leave, for good luck because I need it. (Read on!!) Behind him, on the wall, are some mirrors which were from the World's Biggest Mirrorball on Blackpool Promenade. I was one of a team of artists who completely refurbished the mirrorball a few years ago. This involved stripping the old mirrors (seen on the wall) and re-gluing them on again. Think I may have several million years bad luck from smashing  thousands upon thousands of little mirrors while stripping the old ones off, hence why I need my good luck Buddha to help me through the day!

On my bedside table I have my trusty bedside clock/phone dock/radio, which I love, and my 'homemade' bedside lamp. By 'homemade' I mean I shoved a strip of fairy lights into a jar and turned them on. Easy peasy! You can also see here my work in progress crocheted bed cover. It's very small at the moment, but it's my first piece of crochet and I'm excited for it to grow!

You'll often find two little pussy cats on my bed, too.

Here is my photo wall with pictures of people and memories that I look at every day.

On my book shelf I have more fake flowers (they're all over the place!) and vases that I keep hair bobbles, headbands, hair brushes and everything else in. Mr Skull is from TK Maxx.

On the shelf above that I keep my hair, face and body products, more flowers, cotton pads, perfumes etc.

Moving on from there are my flat shoes which are in a shoe storage thing that hooks onto your door. I got it from TK Maxx. Also, hanging next to it is my Kigu :)

On top of my bookshelf are my two wooden friends called Boshay and Jamyang. I found them at a carboot sale and couldn't leave them behind. (In fact, I did leave them behind, got home and couldn't stop thinking about them so drove the half an hour back to the carboot and bought them!) Behind them is another fisheye mirror I bought from the same 'Junk Shop' as my Buddha.

This is the mirror I use to do my hair every morning and is decorated with more crap and fairy lights.

My chest of drawers sits next to the mirror and has (another!) mirror on top of it. I keep my dried roses in a vase on here. These are from various birthdays, Valentine's days and gifts, etc. I like to dry them so I can keep them forever. On here I also keep my watches, a box of odds and ends, some kirby grips and a few bits of jewellery that I don't want to risk losing!

To the right of the drawers are my bookshelf, desk and wardrobe. I keep my boots along the top and my favourite shoes on the top shelf of my bookshelves. I know I have a problem. You don't need to tell me!

On the bottom shelf of these bookshelves I have my earrings and bits and bobs. Here's my Graduation photo, aww!

And this is my windowsill where I sit and do my makeup every morning.

Phew. That's about it. Not much more that's interesting (or tidy enough!) to show.
Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into my bedroom.
Would love to see yours. If you've done something similar, please link it to me in the comments section, I'd love to take a look!
Neeny x 


  1. I really love how you have put the fairy lights into a jar! I want to do it now! :) xxx

  2. Ah I love your room! I really want to do a room tour bus as mine is a constant mess I think it might be a while before I do haha xxx

  3. Loving the fairy lights in the jar - that's really cool x

  4. Your room is fabulous, I love how you've got your boots on the shelf too!! I'll try and get some photos of my room together for a post!! xxx

  5. Love this post :) Your photo wall and boot shelf are amazing! I did a tour of my 'getting ready' room a while back and am planning to eventually do the whole house! Here is mine


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