Sunday, 8 January 2012

Liverpool One Haul!

With this weekend off work my boyf and I decided to go on a shopping trip to Liverpool One. We've never been there before and wanted to try something different to our usual Manchester outings. We got a relatively cheap deal on the train and took our own breakky and some fruit and magazines to keep us entertained.

We got up super early to spend the whole day out hence looking half asleep on the train :)

When we got to Liverpool we went for a quick wander down to the pub where the Beatles formed. Guess who I had my picture taken with...!

Also found a big silver Superlambanana.

And here's what I bought... I finally found some thick, good quality leggings. They are from Topshop and were £18. I've tried them on but haven't worn them for a whole day yet, so I don't know if they will go baggy, however they have ticked the boxes for none-seethrough and thick material so far! I'll let you know how they wear of you're interested.

And here is my splurge. Can't believe I actually bought one even though it was on my wish list blogpost from the other day. I've been thinking about getting one since last month and I knew that if I didn't get one in person (as apposed to ordering online) while we were in Liverpool then I would have regretted it and bought one as soon as I got home online. Most likely would have paid more for postage etc as well. So I but the bullet and got myself this little beauty. Definitely my big purchase of this year and will not be spending that amount on anything else any time soon!! I'm writing this post on him now, still trying to get the hang of it. I've named him Patrick, or Paddy for short :) Say hi Patrick!

So after I splurged on Paddy I felt super guilty and couldn't bear (or afford!) to buy anything else so we went for a little walk to Albert Docks. It was super cold so we didn't go all the way round but saw The Yellow Duck Marine boat/bus ascending from the water to solid ground :)

After another quick wander round and seeing lots of police, student protestors and girls in velour track suits and rollers, we decided to head back to the trail station to catch the train home. Yawn!

I also wanted to show you some bargains I picked up in Topshop just after Christmas. I saw some still in Liverpool Topshop so they still are available if you have a Topshop near you. I picked up these two pairs of slippers for £8 each. How cute. I may even wear them out even though they are house slippers haha.

Hope you all had a brilliant weekend. Have you bought anything off your wish lists recently? Go on, treat yourself! X - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


  1. Hello Patrick:] I have nearly bought those slippers 3 times now.......I got some lovely slippers for cristmas off my OH folks though so I alwasy put themm down........I don't know if i'll be able to resist if i see them again.x

  2. I have splurged myself, and finally bought a macbook. My old laptop was on it's last legs and it was taking an hour just to get to my desktop!! So I decided to treat myself in-between christmas and new year..... I love it!!! My OH is desperate for an Ipad though!!

    What was Liverpool one like? I've never been there. xxx

  3. Oooh those slippers are super cute! I really need to go and check out the sales, I want some bargains too. x