Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A little trip to the seaside!

The weather has been lovely where I am this week so the boyf and I decided to make the most of the sunshine and have a little stroll down the beach.

It was lovely and warm, I had a bandeau top and shorts on and didn't even need to wear my cardi!

It's a "family thing" that whenever we're on a beach with pebbles on we always have a look to see how many faces we can see looking back at us. We like to call them Smiley Stones and we have a little collection in our house, which I'll have to show you some time...  Anyway, here are the little lookers we spotted on our walk across the beach.

This guy below nearly got taken home with me but he was sat next to a sad looking stone so I decided to leave him there so he could cheer his friend up.

This guy, however, came home with me...

Along with this little one!

We also saw some massive nuts.
(I'm aware they're actually bolts!)

I braved the quick sand to do a bit of skimming stones. Very unsuccessfully.

I also got mud all over my lovely shoes.

But I had fish and chips to make up for it! D was very good and had a healthy ham salad sandwich. I was just a fatty and ate all of this.

We then gambled our savings away in the arcade...

...and I had a little boogie to Steps and Cotton Eye Joe.

Hope you're all enjoying the sun, if you have any!
Everything I'm wearing is from Topshop ages ago apart from the shorts which are from ebay.


  1. Looks like a brill day! You can't beat a trip to the seaside, it looks so peaceful too! My nearest beach is Barry Island which gets ridiculously busy at the sight of sunshine!
    I love your smiley pebbles!
    Cannot beat fish & chips at the seaside, followed by an oyster ice cream! x

  2. Aw fish n chips - how I miss them. I love the smiley stone game you have!