Sunday, 8 April 2012

How to: Rice Krispie Easter Treats

Happy Easter, everyone!
I made some little Easter treats that I'm going to share with my family and loved ones.
Thought I'd show you how to make them (not that a recipe is needed, as they're SO easy!)

What you need:
150grams ish of Rice Krispies (Cornflakes work well, too!)
200-250grams of chocolate (I used a mix of cheapo own brand chocolate and Cadbury's)
Decoration (Hundred's and Thousands, Smarties, Mini Eggs!)
-This makes 12-15 generous sized servings-

Melt your chocolate in a bowl.

Yum yum!

Add the Rice Krispies.

Mix, mix, mix!

Dish out into muffin cases.


Refrigerate for an hour or so, and Voila!

I made some mini, bitesized ones out of the remnants of the mixture, too!

Now I'm off to share the love and take some to the boyf at work!

Hope you enjoy your Easter Weekend! 


  1. How I use to love these as a child! you can't go wrong with choc rice crispie buns!

  2. These were so good! Made my day at work.
    Thank youuuuu x

  3. I did this too but with branflakes,honeycomb chuns and nuts :] xxx

  4. Your easter treats look yummy :) I hope your having a lovely easter weekend!
    Sita xx