Saturday, 7 April 2012

O.O.T.D. 07/04/12

I'm afraid I'm busting out the stripes again. Only a couple of pics though, because I'm not feeling too well today!

Got complimented on the pants and shoes by a stylish looking girl with pink hair and a bright green blazer on while I was out shopping in Next, so I felt pretty fashionable. ;) Haha. Small things!

Shirt from Dorothy Perkins
Leather Jacket from a Carboot Sale - originally from River Island
Stripy Skinny jeans from Motel Rocks via Topshop
Studded Vectra Loafers from Topshop

Anyway, hope you're all feeling better than me today!
How do you like the new header? I'm wanting a new look but it all takes so long as I'm not really sure what I actually want the blog to look like!

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