Friday, 13 April 2012

O.O.T.D. 13/04/12 - A day at the gallery!

Hi guys, 
This is what I wore for a day spent curating at my local gallery. I wanted to be comfortable so I opted for simple skinnies and tank top.

Furry pleather jacket from Topshop (I like to call it my gorilla jacket!)
White tank top from New Look
Black seven-eigths skinny jeans from Topshop
Bag Rocco by Alexander Wang

Thumb rings are vintage, inherited.
Double skull ring by Alexander McQueen
Finger tip rings from
Nail polish is Nude Beige by Model's Own (Fave!)

Chuck Taylor Lo Converse in black.

Cross earring from Topshop
Feather earring from Dorothy Perkins

And just because they're new I decided to pop on my new Rayban RB 3447 round sunglasses. I love them!

Look what arrived as well! My order from! YAY! Yet to try it out but I'm very excited to do my makeup tomorrow :)

Hope you all had an uneventful Friday the 13th! Did anything go wrong for anyone?! The day has been smooth sailing for me so far so fingers crossed nothing unlucky will happen between now and tomorrow!


  1. Hello, I am just letting you know that I have given you the Blogger Appreciation Award!
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  2. Beautiful outfit ! I love chanel care, make up, perfume :-)

    1. I tried it sparingly tonight when I went out, will have to have a proper go tomorrow! :)

  3. Your outfit looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Sandra! I will check your blog out now! x

  4. I love the RayBan. It looks really good on you ;)

    Love, Anja
    Please stop by and follow my blog if you like ;)

  5. I absolutely love this outfit on you and all the jewellery x

  6. Love the way you have doubled up on the earrings! You look great =)

  7. I love your nail colour! And curating at a gallery sounds brilliant :)

    e x