Friday, 27 April 2012

O.O.T.D - I hate birthdays!

Hi guys! O.O.T.D again...casual and comfy...AGAIN!
Just headed out to find birthday presents today, very little to no luck at all!
Anyway, made an appointment with the piercer tomorrow to get my inner helix CBR (rings) changed to barbells (studs). Yay! Can't wait for that as my ear just looks clunky with these big ol' rings in them.

I have my new shirt on that I got from Topshop sale.
Basic drop arm hole tank top from New Look.

Baxter skinny jeans from Topshop.

Bag, as ever, is the Rocco by Alexander Wang.

I whacked out the Acne Pistols today, hurt the balls of my foot slightly as I've been walking in flats for months on end. Not too uncomfortable though!

Watch is by Michael Kors and is in the Rose Gold colour.

Same old bracelets that you've seen a million times.
Pandora double wrap leather bracelet with Buddha charm and Links of London Skull friendship bracelet.

I have on my Ray Ban Clubmasters which I was going to send back but it was too late out of the refund time so I'm just going to wear them for a bit and perhaps sell on. Not quite decided on them yet!

Minimal makeup, I'm just wearing Number 17 Beehive lipstick on my lips.

See you tomorrow with an update!


  1. The Acne boots are lush x

  2. Aaw I think the Clubmasters look really good on you!