Saturday, 19 May 2012

£20 Makeup Challenge Tag!

Tomorrow I have a day off work and I think I might take advantage of some free time and try a fun makeup tag that I recently came across.

It's called the £20 Makeup Challenge.
Imagine you lose your makeup bag and have a big event to go to that night. You only have £20 to spend on cosmetics and you need to cater for everything from Foundation to lipstick to eyeshadow and blusher.
How would you spend your money? What would you buy? What would the end result be?

I definitely want to purchase the following items - foundation, mascara, powder, lipstick, eyeshadow.
I would like to purchase - eyeliner, blusher, brush/sponge, eyebrow pencil.

This averages out at just over £2 a piece. I wonder if I can do it?

I tag all of you to try this out, too!

1 comment:

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