Monday, 28 May 2012

Sally Hansen TAN GLOW Airbrush Legs Review

So, yesterday I did a quick review of the  Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Water Resistant Leg Makeup in MEDIUM GLOW. I was very impressed with this colour and longevity and decided today to try out the darker version, TAN GLOW.

Legs before: 

Leg on the left has product on...

Leg on the right on this one, obviously.

Both legs...

I was actually very disappointed with this colour. I'm not sure if I accidently picked up a different formula as this one I have doesn't have the WATER RESISTANT blue label on the top like the one I tried yesterday.

I found it too orange toned for my skin, applied quite patchy and definitely didn't last as well all day as the MEDIUM GLOW I tried yesterday. It is still on now (6.30pm) after applying at around 10am but it's not as smooth looking as I'd like. Also, this one seemed to be a lot more sparkly on the legs than the previous, too.

I will be trying the final colour tomorrow which is DEEP GLOW. This has the WATER RESISTANT label on, as with the first, so I'm hoping this will be as good as the first.

For this one I give it a thumbs down. I wouldn't repurchase TAN GLOW, however, would repurchase MEDIUM GLOW WATER RESISTANT.


  1. I am really going to have to give this stuff a go! Would you say it's worth the money (in the first shade obviously?), and how long does it last?
    Your legs look fab in all these pics!

    1. I'd say if you wanted a day tanner that you don't have to worry about streaking, then yes. I'd much rather pay £6.50 from tesco though than a tenner! It's only temporary colour, it washes off easily with soap and water. It lasts very well as 90-95% of it was left on my legs in the morning after I'd worn it all day and slept in it. Left no residue or streaks either. I'm just about to try the darkest shade.

      :) x

  2. Great review, the pictures are really helpful! I have never, ever fake tanned (!) because I'm too scared of being streaky / orange. This one looks pretty good though! I know you say it's quite orange but I don't think it looks it! :)
    Thanks for following, will follow you back now xx

    1. If you scan back a few posts there is a review I did on a different colour of it which was much better for me! It's so good though as you can just wash it off with soap and water, it doesn't stain the skin :)

      Thanks for following :) xx

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  3. looks good!

  4. I've been meaning to try this product out for ages now, now i'm not so sure!! Think i'll give the water resistant version a try though :)


  5. Hey! do you think if I used the fairest shade on my legs it will only blur out my imperfections and give a tiny glow to my skin? I dont want my legs to be tanned:)