Monday, 18 June 2012

How to: Pluck and fill in your eyebrows!

Hi guys! I posted a picture earlier today and a few of you commented on my eyebrows being 'perfect'! To be honest they are far from it and I very rarely pluck them, but I just thought I'd show you how I do my brows day to day, as well as how I trim and pluck to keep them in shape.

I do my eyebrows every day and it is now a staple part of my makeup routine. I would do my eyebrows first if I was ready to rush out of the door. I think they frame your face and are very important to making you look smart and well kept.

On with the tutorial!

This is my brow before plucking. I've been using tweezers for years and years and my brows don't seem to grow very fast any more so I very rarely need to pluck any more.

In the picture below I have just used Tweezerman tweezers to tidy up slightly around the underside of the brow. I hardly ever pluck above the brow either, simply because I think the shape is okay.

I don't do this next step every time, just when I feel it appropriate. I take an old spoolie brush or clean mascara wand and brush all of the hairs upward.

I then take some nail scissors and carefully trim the long hairs that sit above the natural brow-line when brushed upward.

I'm very careful not to take too much off. Work slowly as you don't want to chop off your whole brow.

We're now ready to fill in the brow. I use a MAC 208 angled brush to apply the brow powder.

Personally, I like how powder looks on the brow. I have used pencil in the past and the best one I used was Spiked by MAC, however it seemed to run out very fast, so I switched to powder. Up until recently I used Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar to fill in my brows which is absolutely brilliant but I've just run out. I now use two eyeshadows by MAC called Brun and Charcoal Brown.  Brun is the darker colour on the top row and Charcoal Brown is the lighter brown below it.

A staple product I use every time I apply my brows is MAC Fix+. I use this to dampen my brush so that I'm able to make a sharp, clean line with the powder. I simply hold my brush over a tissue and spray once on either side of the bristles.

I apply my foundation as usual at this point and then move on to the brows. Pick up a small amount of product on your brush. I work from the underside first. I apply from about 10mm in from the front of my brow and draw the arch right down to the tail of the brow.

I then use what's left on my brush and swipe gently upwards at the front portion of my brow. I like the inner portion of my brow to look quite natural. I don't like the boxy look, so keep the powder relatively sparse in this area and gently sweep it upwards to make sure it's blended.

I then load up my brush once again, using Fix+ if necessary to fill in the top line of the brow. Sometimes I accentuate the arch of the brow slightly but mainly follow the natural curve of my eyebrow.

This is how it looks after applying the products.

To soften some of the lines I take the spoolie I used before and gently brush out any harsh lines.

And that's it. This is the finished look.

If you're having trouble with what shape to draw your brow, a lot of people go by these rules. 
Use a makeup brush and sit it vertically along the side of your nose and eye. Where the brush handle sits is where your brow should start. I never pluck my brows on the inner side as they naturally fall at this point on my face. You may need to pluck some if you have brows that grow close together, or you may need to fill in a little extra if your brows lie further apart.

While looking straight forward, tilt the brush from the corner of your nose so it lies through your pupil and over your brow. Give or take, this is where your arch should be at its highest point.

Tilt the brush again so it sits on the corner of your nose and the outer edge of your eye. Where the brush passes the eyebrow is where the tail of your brow should end. You may need to lengthen the brow slightly with your powder or pencil if you think your eyebrows are a little too short.

This is just a guide, obviously go with whatever you think compliments your face. Remember when plucking, less is more. Work slowly, you don't want to over pluck or over trim.

I like my brows quite prominent and dark but I don't think I can be classed as having a Scouse Brow as I tend to soften the edges at the end. But, in my opinion you should go with whatever you like! This is just how I do my brows every day. Once you get into a routine it only takes a minute and will be a staple part of your makeup routine in no time. Trust me, once you do your brows you will never go back!

Hope you found this helpful!


  1. you really do have the best eyebrows,i'll definitely have a go at your tips when I do my makeup today! x

  2. Oo thanks! My eyebrows are a terrible shape, but I neglect them as I have a fringe so nobody see's them. Lazy! Will definitely try some of these tips =)

  3. You have such nice eyebrows, this is really helpful! I recently made a mess of my eyebrows so when they grow back enough to start shaping again I'll definitely follow this! xo

  4. I really do neglect my eyebrows *holds head in shame* ha ha :) Your eyebrows look really nice and this is a good post and shows the steps well

    Tanesha x

  5. Great tutorial. I have awful brows and can't ever imagine them looking as neat as yours x

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