Sunday, 5 August 2012

Shellac - Two week update.

Hi everyone. So, last week I showed you some pictures of my CND Shellac manicure that had been on for 7 days. Here is my final update of this particular colour - Rosebud.

I've now had this manicure on for 16 days and I've been very, very impressed.

Here's the day I got it done:

Here's the manicure after 7 days:

And here it is today - 16 days after first application:

As you can see the manicure has held up very well. There is minimal chipping and the only really visible sign of it being on for so long is the growth of new nail.

As I mentioned in my one week update, I have been purposefully heavy on my hands. I have to count a lot of money in my job so have been bashing my nails about in the coin counter, mixing up the coins. I've been peeling off stubborn stickers, cleaning, washing up, using keyboards and phones - everything and anything. Nothing has chipped the finish.

There has, however, been hairline scratches that appeared at about 10 days as you can see in the picture below. This has only happened on two nails - my left index finger and my right thumb - and I think has come about from being quite heavy handed as mentioned before. They aren't too visible and you can't feel them if you run your finger over your nail, but they're definitely there.

My right thumb has suffered the most. See the picture below. On day 14 the outer edge of the Shellac seemed to peel a slight amount. I was really tempted to try and peel it off but when I looked closer, only a tiny bit was lifting away and the rest is still firmly on there.

The Shellac on the tips of my nails has worn away as you can also see in the picture but it is by no means terrible. As I mentioned in my 7 day update, I think this may be down to application as the place I got it done didn't seem to cap the nails with the product very well.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with CND Shellac. So happy in fact, that I recently bought myself my very own kit so I can do my own CND Shellac manicures from home.
It arrived yesterday and I was so excited, eeeeee!

The boyf kindly donated his feet (along with his manliness and dignity) for me to practice on!

He's wearing the colour Black Pool which is a glossy black.
What a good boyfriend!

My mum was also keen to get in on the action and she chose the colour Masquerade, a nice deep plum red.
She never wears nail varnish because she finds it never stays perfect for more than a day, so this morning she was very impressed that they are still fully intact! Let's see how they are in a week! She may be a convert...

Finally, I practiced on my toes. I chose the colour Tropix which is  a lovely coral-orange.

I'm going to remove my Rosebud today and try a different colour on myself. Also going to perhaps give an update on my friend's colour - Fedora - which she got at the same time as me, and will be re doing her manicure this afternoon, too.

Hope these updates have been helpful if you've been researching getting a Shellac manicure. I'd totally recommend it if you want chip-free nails for at least two weeks!


  1. I have a shellac kit too, but I rarely use it as I'm addicted to nail art!
    It's great for holidays.

    Great Blog hun, I love reading your stuff!!
    Sheree xx

  2. Wow, these are impressive! Bless you chap donating his toes =)

  3. these are brilliant! i might have to consider investing.
    not sure my boyfriend would be quite so generous as yours though, bless him.
    laura x

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