Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New Look Denim Competition #denimcomp with New Look & Sparkle!

Hi guys! 
I'm doing a competition post today. I hope you'll all want to submit your own entries, too! It's a fantastic competition in association with New Look and a blog called Asteria Sparkle. You can find the blog post for the competition HERE.

Basically, you can be in with a chance of winning £200 and a pair of New Look jeans from their new amazing collection! How good is that!?

All you have to do is create an outfit for any occasion with items from the New Look store. I love doing things like this as it gives you a chance to go wild and fill your imaginary shopping basket with countless lovely things - and best of all it doesn't cost you anything but fills you with fun shopping-gy goodness!

(For full rules, see the link to Asteria Sparkle above.)

Without further a's my entry! I hope you like what I chose.

So, I went a little crazy and didn't do just one outfit...I kind of made three by accident. I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Once I got started I couldn't stop myself.

I based my three outfits around the same pair of jeans - the Burgundy Supersoft Skinny Jeans at £19.99. These jeans are available in four colours: green, khaki, blue and of course, my favourite ones, burgundy. I've been wanting some deep reddish jeans for absolutely ages but haven't yet found ones that fit nicely and are the right shade and these ones look absolutely perfect - so what better piece to start with!

Outfit #1 is my ideal day-time casual style.

Click to enlarge!

As it's coming up to Autumn/Fall soon I chose some weather appropriate gear with this lovely, chunky, White Geo Stitch Jumper at a very reasonable £22.99 (also available in black, perf!) and a Dark Red Knitted Mohair Snood at £7.99 (also available in a wide range of yummy colours!)

I enjoy using similar shades for each of my pieces to create an outfit which has a sense of unity. The cream of the jumper and white of the Chunky Sole Plimsolls (£12.99) give the outfit a great lighter look for the transition between summer and beginnings of autumn. We can't surrender our summer just yet, so I like that the lighter shades keep it from being too wintery, too soon! Where was our summer, by the way?

For my accessories, I chose an awesome Brown Leopard Print Backpack at £19.99. A slouchy backpack keeps any outfit looking young, casual and on trend - plus you can fit so much more in a backpack than a handbag, win-win. If the weather is a little inclement outside, which it most likely is if you come from the North West, then you could even switch up the shoes to their Animal Print counterpart (also £12.99 and just as awesome) to match the backpack. Sassy!

To finish the outfit off, I chose some girly Red Roses and Clear Beaded Bracelets (£7.99) which give the outfit a softer edge, combining pearls and burgundy flowers to be in-keeping with the autumnal colour scheme! Love it.

Complete outfit cost: £91.94

Next is outfit #2 which is what I like to call "Smasual" - in other words, smart-casual.

This could be something you might want to wear to cinema date with a potential new boyfriend? Or even just a nice evening meal or drinks with your galpals?

Again, we start out with our base, the Burgundy Supersoft Skinny Jeans at £19.99. Since I like the look of creams and whites with burgundy, I chose a simple White Racerback Lace Insert Vest which is an absolute steal at £5.00. This top is also available in black, chestnut and deep red - the chestnut and red would also look lovely with this outfit if you wanted to vamp it up a bit.

I like to be comfortable when I'm going out for a meal and even though I am partial to a pair (or twelve) of 6 inch killer heels, I thought it would be better to be able to walk if this were to be a "first date" situation, so I opted for some smart (and more importantly, comfortable!) Dark Red Slipper Shoes  at £15.99. You can get this style of slipper in leopard print, houndstooth and a beautiful dark green colour, too. Which I would totally wear with the Green Supersoft Skinnies by the way! ;)

To finish the outfit off, I added a pop of colour - all be it deep and dark in the form of this  Navy Blue Crepe Open Front Blazer (£24.99, available also in black, dark purple and burgundy) I also threw in some sparkle with this *drool* AMAZING Gold and Black Sequin Envelope Clutch at only £19.99 and a complimentary Diamante Spike Tip Necklace at £5.99. And there we are; chuck a lippy in the bag, and probably an umbrella, and we're set to go! No smooching in the back row! Okay, well, maybe a little...

Complete outfit cost: £91.95

Last but not least is Outfit #3! Perfect for a night out on the town.

Once more we start off with our beloved Burgundy Supersoft Skinny Jeans at £19.99. And once again - can you see a theme here? - I've stuck with a light top in the form of this gorgeous White Chiffon Sleeveless Shirt at £14.99. I LOVE this style of shirt and think it looks great with a statement necklace to give it some oomph, which is why I then moved on to accessories. 

I saw this amaaazingly bad-ass Spike Cluster Necklace while I was browsing the jewellery section and I couldn't believe that it's only £7.99. These type of necklaces are going for at least double the price in other highstreet shops *ahem*Topshop*ahem*, so I thought this was an absolute steal. Plus, who doesn't want to feel at least a little bit bad-ass now and again. To really up the ante, I chose to pair it with this Gold and Silver Spike Bracelet at a very reasonable £8.99.

The final two pieces of this outfit are for only the brave. I wanted to add an explosion of colour and to be honest I never normally like to be too matchy-matchy with my bag and shoes, but when I saw these two together I couldn't help but put them in my outfit. 

The shoes are a brilliant Cobalt Blue Platform Court Heel and come in at just £24.99 and I think they go really, really nicely with the deep burgundy colour of the jeans, suprisingly?! 

The bag caught my eye immediately - I'm loving bright blues at the moment and thought, what the hell - I'll go all out!, so I chose this Chi Chi Blue Embellished Clutch (£14.99 available in loads of colours) which matches perfectly with the shoes and really finishes the outfit off, in my opinion. 

I don't want to sound like your mother but maybe add a leather jacket if you're planning to be out all night, we don't want you catching a cold now, do we?!

Complete outfit cost: £91.94

I hope you like my entry for this competition. I really recommend you try it out yourself if you want to be in the running for winning some awesome prizes. I had so much fun putting this post together and would love to see everyone else's outfit choices!

Side note: I don't know how on earth I got each outfit to add up to pretty much the exact same price....?!!?

See you soon guys, 
Love you!


  1. Great entry love the last look!
    Check out my entry too

  2. I love Satchels, you should also check they stock the Original British Leather Satchel Company. They also offer them with magnetic closure, wich is a must have for convenience and practical use.

  3. Thanks for the link!
    love the word smasual lol
    Also loving the spike necklace for £7.99!

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