Monday, 19 November 2012

Birthday haul!

It was my Birthday on Friday and I wanted to show you some lovely things that I got. 
I actually bought everything myself haha! (If you can't treat yourself, who can you treat?!) 

Everything apart from this little beaut. My new Cambridge Satchel in this amazing blue.

Thanks Ba, I love youuuuu :)

I also got these bad ass spiked pumps by Jeffrey Campbell.

Eugene bag by Alexander Wang.

Some new sparkly bars for my ears!

Christmas disco pant from American Apparel.

Chunky knit jumper from Topshop and tshirt with leather sleeves from Zara.

I also took back a dress I'd bought from Zara as it was too small and changed it for this amazing coat. New fave.

And some bargainous boots from Zara to go with my Christmas dress.

(I lied, just realised I didn't buy something else...this lippy and blush, my lovely besto treated me to them! Thank youuu!)
I got Snob lipstick and Well Dressed blush, both from MAC.
And I also picked up Soft and Gentle MSF from MAC when I went to Manchester the other day.

And that's everything pretty much except for a few bits and bobs. Very, very spoilt this month. 

Hope you liked my haul. Will be putting up a few pics from my Birthday trip to Manchester with my boyfriend in the next couple of posts.

Oh and by the way, thank you for everyone who entered my giveaway. Congratulations to my three lovely winners. 
 1st Prize - Emily from One Way Beauty
2nd Prize - Amy
3rd Prize - Nia from Cherry Fashion Blog

Prizes were sent out today! Hope you like them, guys!



  1. Happy Birthday for friday sweetheart, it looks like you had a great present filled day. Poppy xxx

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! You got some great gifts!

    Sita xx

  3. (Late) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It seems like you had a great day filled with lovely treats! So happy for you. x

  4. Happy belated Birthday you lucky lady! :)
    Jo xo