Sunday, 25 August 2013

IKEA Bedroom Inspiration

So, we have new neighbours and today we went to a little house warming BBQ and had a sneaky look around their house. 

I came home feeling inspired and decided to measure up and design a complete new look for my bedroom. Now, this is all theoretical at the moment but if I had the chance, I'd go with these goodies from IKEA!

I currently have all black furniture, light mushroom coloured walls and a dark beige carpet stained with everything from paint and ink from my 5 years as an art student to dropped eyeshadow pigment all over my floor. I wanted to go completely different so I chose all white furniture and a statement fully mirrored double wardrobe. I would have white walls with black picture rails and skirting boards (as I have already) and I'd also go for a dark carpet, perhaps black speckled.

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