Sunday, 20 October 2013

WNW - What Neeny's Wearing - #06

Hi everyone, (relatively) long time no speak! I hope you're all well.
Here's today's outfit. It's my day off work after a stressful, yet successful, week and I wanted to relax by doing my favourite thing - shopping! Unfortunately, I've been subject to woman-flu for the past few days so I'm not feeling my best. And we've been experiencing thunderstorms for the past two days, too and I can't for the life of me find an umbrella in my house. However, I didn't let any of that stop me...

I'm wearing my favourite jeans from Topshop. They're called the "Pippa" jean and I really wish they'd make this style again because I would literally buy about five million pairs.
With the jeans I decided to wear my new leather-look lingerie style cami top from ZARA. It's a little bit too risque for work and I've been dying to wear it since I got it a few weeks ago, so even though it was raining and cold, I wore it still!
I've paired the camisole with my ZARA leather and wool jacket which I got either last year or the year before so it's not available anymore, however loads of places are doing very similar styles of coats right now. Similar HERE and HERE.
My boots are Vagabond Libby boots and I got them for a massive bargain on eBay. They are so comfortable and are my winter staple boots now.
My bag, as pretty much always, is my Alexander Wang Rocco (wish it had silver hardware!)
And to top it all off, as it was raining, I finished off the outfit with a simple black beanie hat from Primark.

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  1. beauty! i have been after that jacket forever i literally have no long black coats in my life.
    you look amazing as usual, can't go wrong with all black.