Sunday, 5 January 2014

Larsson & Jennings CM-Series Chain Metal Watch Review

Hi guys, I thought I'd make a blog post on my Larsson & Jennings watch since my last watch review was so popular.

With Larsson & Jennings fast becoming a blogger's favourite, I'm guessing a lot of people will be wanting an in-depth review of the watch before they commit to buying. Again, as with my other watch post, I wanted to do a quick review of mine in hopes that it will help some of you decide if it's the right timepiece for you!

So the watch in question is the Larsson & Jennings CM-Silver Chain Metal watch.

The measurements of the watch are as follows:

The watch face measures 40mm wide and the depth measures around 6mm.

The strap width is 20mms and has a thickness of about 2mm.

The whole length of the watch including strap and face is 22.5cm.

For reference, my wrist measures about 140mms around, and you can see the size of the face on my arm in the pictures.

The face of this watch could be classed as oversized, however it really depends who's wearing it. The CM-Series watches are unisex, so as you can see on my arm the face is pretty large - but on a male's arm it could be pretty standard size. I was worried at first about the chain metal strap looking too masculine, so I decided to buy a leather black strap too (all Larsson and Jenning's watches have interchangable straps which I will talk about more in depth later) However, I think I actually prefer the metal strap to the leather, which I bought especially! 

The CM Series straps size comes in one size only. The maximum length the strap can be worn at is 20.3cms and the minimum length is 14cms. I wear mine just a little bit bigger than the minimum size as I don't want it super tight. The watch is very slim faced and as you can see, it looks very sleek when on.

It's really easy to shorten or lengthen the strap to your wrist size. The clasp literally unclips and you can slide it to the relevant place on the bracelet and clip it back into a secure position. This is very similar to the metal casio watches, if any of you are familiar with this brand. 

I wear my CM watch pretty much every day. It is comfortable and definitely not too heavy as some oversized watches can be. I find the metal strap to be more comfortable to wear than the leather strap that I also purchased.

The leather strap can be purchased separately (at a price of £35) is made from sturdy, lovely quality brushed italian leather. I chose mine with silver hardware to compliment the silver face. Unlike the CM watch straps, these come in two different sizes, S and L. Small Max length is 18.5cm and min length is 14.5cm. Large Max length is 20.5cm and min length is 16.5cm.
I got mine in the small. As you can see, the buckle is embossed with the & symbol, and the leather has the embossed lion symbol on the strap.

It's very easy to change the strap on the Larsson and Jennings watches. In my box, I got a little tool to help detach and re-attach the straps which have a simple slider mechanism to release the strap from the watch face. (At least, I think this is what it's for! I also used it to help when I wanted to move the clasp to resize the strap!)

You simply push the slider to remove the strap and then clip the new strap back into position. 

This watch comes in many different colour variations in the regular lines, however, the CM Series comes in just three colours:  Black, Silver and Gold. 

The design is very simple and sleek. The watch looks very classy and I don't think it will date. The silver version features a white watch face with silver details. There is no date feature on the watch though, which I don't mind but some people may find a bit annoying if they're used to having a watch with one!

This watch features Ronda 762 Quartz movement and the glass face is Chrystal Sapphire if that means anything to you, as it doesn't really to me! Just sounds very fancy. The strap is Silver Stainless Steel and the watch is water resistant up to 50metres. I endeavour to never get my watch wet, though which I think is probably for the best!

The fastener is a kind I'd never seen before but I think it's pretty secure. It's easy peasy to put on and easy peasy to take off. Although, if you wear acrylic nails or falsies, you may risk pinging a nail or two off when you're trying to unclip the fastener!

There is a little bar that you hook the clasp on to when the watch is around your wrist...

Clip the first clasp down to secure...

And then clip the second fastener over the top of the first one to make it super sturdy.

Obviously, to take it off you just reverse these steps. The first fastener opens relatively easily, but the second one is where you may lose a nail as it is reasonably stiff to unclasp - which is good as you wouldn't want to be losing your watch.

The watch comes in a lovely box which is printed with the Larsson and Jennings logo on the top. Mine came in a white box with the watch nice and secured inside with grey foam.

If you're on the fence about this watch, I honestly give you a push to getting it. You can't go wrong, honestly.

I got my watch from the Larsson and Jennings website where they are priced at £215. 
They currently only sell these watches online.

Five out of five stars.
Get one, 100%!
Go on, treat yourself or someone you love.



  1. My L&J watch just arrived. And now I'm trying to decide if I want to keep it. The watch face is very big but it looks really good in your photos.. decisions decisions!

  2. Silly question but does the chain get stuck in your arm hairs at all?

  3. Does the minimum length of the watch strap (14cm) include the length of the face? I'm worried it will be too loose on my wrist!

  4. I just bought this watch but unable to slide to make it tighter. Didn't come with a tool.

  5. Mine have been faulty, gaining or losing time. Has anyone else experienced such problems?

    1. Mine does that. I have had it less than a year. It freezes for hours and then is ok when I reset it. It also jumps forwards in time. Sometimes it freezes on a date or jumps a date. This morning it said 24 despite yesterday being on the correct day (22). Frustrating! I have contacted customer support, so I will see what they say!

  6. Hey :)
    I just have one question: do the watch make any noise ?

  7. Hey :)
    I just have one question: do the watch make any noise ?

  8. My watch won't tighten at all. Anyone else have this issue? The clasp doesn't simply just move like she has mentioned in the blog...

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