Sunday, 20 November 2011

Birthday haul!

Just posting to show you what goodies I got for my Birthday last week. I was very lucky and got some lovely things from my family and close friends (as well as treating myself!)

The first is a new fragrance that I decided upon after seeing raves about it on youtube. Stella by Stella McCartney. This is one of the three Limited Edition McCartney Print covered bottles containing her signature scent.
I bought mine from my local Boots on their points event so received £10 in points back on my purchase.
You can purchase Stella by Stella McCartney on the boots website, HERE. Unfortunately, this print is out of stock on the website right now :( However, the other two are still available!

Recently I broke my Amazon Kindle somehow (didn't leave it on my floor and stand on it, honest!) so contacted Amazon Kindle Support and spoke to a very enthusiastic American person who kindly sent out a new replacement. The replacement arrived within two days, I was very, very impressed seen as I didn't have any order or purchase information for my original Kindle.
My friend asked what I would like for my birthday as she had no clue what to get me, so I opted for this little number from Cath Kidston. You can purchase this Cath Kidston Kindle case HERE. It is also available in a cute shooting star print.

From my mum I got a Nikon 'Time Teller' watch in hot pink. An obvious choice. I wanted something I could wear to work without being too wary of knocking it. My other metal watch is getting a bit scratched and damaged through banging it about while working, so this plastic watch is perfect. (And bright pink, bonus!) I got this for cheaps off ebay, you can find lots on there if you want to look!

Next are my new 'Isla' mittens. So exciting. The leather is so soft and they smell absolutely amazing. Very excited for the weather to get colder so I can wear them every day. I got these off my boyfriend from Kurt Geiger HERE. There's a £20 gift voucher in Elle Magazine December edition, available now which I used to get money off.

Also from my mum I got this amazing scarf. She literally spent nearly two years crocheting it by hand. I love it so much!

Another item I bought for myself (with my ebay clear-out earnings) is my Penfield coat. Second time lucky, this one I love. 
She is the Penfield Gillman Jacket with Jamiesons of Shetland's Fair Isle Knit

Filled with 80% down and 20% feather it is definitely the warmest coat I have ever owned. Perfect for the coming winter months. The cute knitted pockets and shoulders is what really makes it for me, though. Available HERE.

Lastly, my Cambridge Satchel came! Finally! I ordered it over a month ago hoping it would arrive in time for my birthday but it came a couple of days later. It is the Cambridge Satchel Company 11" Classic Satchel in Black. Available HERE. Bear in mind that the bags are made to order so there is a waiting time of 30 days (mine took a little longer) for your order to be processed, made and dispatched.

I attached my faux fox tail (bought from ebay) onto the strap. I like it because it makes me look like I have a tail when I walk. :) Although I'm quite wary of vicious looking dogs who may decide to attack me on my walk to work!

The ring on my ring finger on the picture above is from my boyfriend, a little mood ring from Hawkin's Bazaar. Available HERE :)

So that concludes my birthday haul blog post. As I said, I've been very lucky this year and received lots of lovely presents of which I'm very appreciative. 

When is your birthday? Do you have a wishlist?
Let me know in the comments...
See you soon!


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