Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Inner Helix Piercing

So I decided to get another piercing since my last two cartilage piercings had to be taken out (boohoo!) I originally saw this picture on tumblr.

How purrrdy! Total copy cat decided to get one of potentially three. Who knows if I'll get the other two. Healing time is a pain, however this one is so much more comfortable than my previous cartilage piercings as is less prone to knocking on things. It's suprising how often you bash your ears in a single day. Sleeping, washing your face, washing your hair, combing your hair, drying your hair, putting on and taking off clothing, leaning on your hand, cuddling, shaving your armpits, lifting things, God knows what else. Everything, it seemed like!
Anyway, this one is quite comfortable at the moment. The pain was worse than previous lobe and cartilage piercings but nothing major. I squeezed my other half's hand and squeaked, "Aaahhwch", and that's about it. Done!

This picture was taken the same day as I had it pierced. Didn't swell too much, just seemed a bit bruised more than anything the next day. I was recommended to clean twice a day with saline solution and I also sleep with a padded plaster over my ear to avoid snagging on anything in the night. I'll keep you updated of its progress if you're interested!

You can kind of see where my old cartilage piercing had to be taken out, a small red dot above my second lobe piercing, the same distance apart as the other two. 

What piercings do you have? Do you have any planned?


  1. hi i was just wondering if it was a requirement for you to wear a ring earring when you first get it pierced because im kinda thinking about getting it pierced but i only like it with the studs as in the first picture. thanks for your response xx

    1. No, you can get either rings or studs. Optional!