Friday, 11 November 2011

Winter mittens!

I've just been perusing through last month's issue of Elle magazine with the lovely Emma Watson on the cover and I came across the "In next month's Elle" page which featured an advert for £20 to spend in Kurt Geiger. (Out since November 2nd so deffo going to go purchase that tomorrow before they all go!) Kerchinnnng! Kurt Geiger is one of my favourite places to buy shoes so I headed on over to have a goosey gander at what they had on offer on their website. Lo and behold the one thing that jumped out at me wasn't even a pair of shoes but were these beautiful winter warmers:

These are the "Isla Mittens" and can be purchased HERE

Now, they are priced at £70, but with £20 offer from Elle, surely that makes them a bargain?!....


....Okay, maybe not. But I'm now longing for these in my winter wardrobe.


  1. WOW Neen I love them. I don't think you can say bargain but defiantly an 'investment' xx

  2. Accidently bought them! Well, no, technically the boyfriend got me them for birthday, so YAY! :D Glad you like them! Just seen some similar on Asos for double cheap, just regular mittens though but have the black leather and then the knitted wrist cuff... if you're interested!