Sunday, 6 November 2011

What do I do now?!

Hello! Well then, this is my first post on my brand new, shiny blog... and to be honest I'm quite stuck. I've had a day off work today and had the fantastic idea of creating a blog. I even made a header image which took an age, even though it's super simple - I'm a bit rusty at Photoshop, I guess!

I suppose I should start my first post by introducing myself and my intentions on this blog. So, here we go...

My name is Neeny. I'm twenty-something years old and a recent graduate. I used to paint and draw a lot, now all I seem to do is work. Although I guess that's just an excuse as I somehow find time to shop in my spare time. I'm going to just say that going through university has ruined my love for making art (for the time being.)

Since I've started full time work (albeit my weekend job turned current career - not for long, fingers crossed!) I've found myself spending more. This isn't good on the pocket, but is good to blog about I hope! I follow countless fashion blogs but by no means to I think I dress particularly well. I'm filled with envy at all the beautiful, stylish bloggers I see out there and wish upon wishes that my wardrobe would look like theirs, however that's not the case just yet! In my blog I simply want to record my current wishlists for materialistic things. I enjoy everything pretty. A new pair of shoes will put a smile on my face for weeks. So, stay tuned if you want to see what I want to buy, what I have bought, where I enjoy browsing and more.

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