Sunday, 6 November 2011

My Little Black (and navy!) Dress.

November is the month of my birthday and I will be turning old this year. The first year I haven't really been excited about celebrating it at all! I don't want to be one of those women who refuse to say their age (I'll be twentythree by the way!) or break down when they reach small age milestones, but I can truly say that since I was around 14 years old I always thought of 23 year olds as, well...old! Anyway, a birthday is an excuse to treat yourself to a new dress, obviously! And that's what I did.

Originally I saw a beautiful dress on a Makeup Guru (pixi2woo) on youtube. I went ahead and bought the dress online and eagerly anticipated its arrival. 

This is the dress in question:

It looked absolutely fantastic on Tanya (pixi2woo) but when it arrived, I tried it on and I honestly looked like I was built wrong. The material was lovely and the glitter spots looked quite elegant, less in-your-face than they look in the image, but the fit was awful on me. The waistband was too high and just looked a bit frumpy in general. Unhappy, I decided to take it back to the Topshop store and tried on another dress I had had my eye on for a while. I then fell in love, truly, madly, deeply. My perfect dress.

Absolutely amazing.
This dress fits in all the right places, is made of lovely, thick, strong material. Looks more expensive than it actually was and is available in a variety of colours.
I couldn't help myself and actually got the navy version of this dress also. I had an excuse though as I have a number of friends' birthdays coming up as well as my own, an art exhibition and a Christmas work do to think about! I know what I'll be wearing for the next million nights out! I don't have enough good things to say about this dress. You must go and try it on at least if you're looking for an LBD! In my books, it's perfect. Bravo, Topshop!






Which colour would you get?


  1. i would definately get ruby, lovely!

  2. @tatemze I tried the Ruby on in Topshop and was so close to buying it. I'm so pasty white though, I don't think it suited me as well as the black or navy!

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