Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How to: Christmas Pudding nail tutorial!

Everyone loves a good set of festive nails so I decided to try out a cute little Christmas Pudding.
I only did one nail as it was just a test, plus it's late and I don't fancy sitting around waiting for ten fingers to dry before I can go to bed!
So here's how to do this one:
(Apologies for the crap quality photos, it's too dark in here!)

Coat your nail in a mid browny colour. I used two coats of No7 Speed Dry Nail Colour in Beanie 03.

Then use a white or a creamy colour to create the cream topping. I used No7 Anniversary Nail Colour (limited edition, I think!) in 60's Mini Skirt.

Then blob two bits of green at the top of the nail on the cream. Try to make it look as much like holly as possible. I failed miserably, but I just used the nail varnish brush as I don't own any nail art brushes! The green I used is Barry M Nail Paint in Racing Green 299/842.

Finally add a couple of blobs of red to create the holly berries. Here I used Barry M Nail Paint in Bright Red 262/839. Finish off with a top coat of clear nail varnish, and you're done!

Enjoy! Yum yum!