Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Art Workshop

Today, I helped out with an Art Workshop for a local business called NWBaseline. 
NWBaseline are a creative team based in Blackpool and Preston and are funded via their web and graphic design social enterprise. The group carries out activities for the advantage of the local community. 
I worked with artist Michael Cassidy along with others and made some lovely paintings with some children from the area.

The workshop was focussed on 'feelings' and what makes us happy or sad. We wanted to find out how the children faced and dealt with these emotions and what outlets they used to show how they felt.
From Facebook and Tumblr, to music and dancing, every child had a different way of showing how they feel day to day.

Here is a photo of the first day's final piece of work. We will be using this work on Thursday to create a new piece of artwork in the form of a sculpture.

These are some of my favourite paintings from the day.

Cats make me happy, too!

This scary monster makes me sad!

These lips stood out to me.

This little girl is very smiley!

These guys came to see what was going on.

Also in town this week is the Showzam Experience and the town was filled with noisy entertainers. Here are a couple of photos of the ones that walked past the studio.

Brum brum! These ladies nearly ran me over!

NW Baseline information can be accessed on facebook HERE or on their official website HERE.


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