Saturday, 11 February 2012

How to: D.I.Y Studded Boots

What you need:
One pair of plain boots. Mine are by Carvela and I got them from TK Maxx in the clearance.
They've been sat on my shelf for a few months not being worn, so I decided to jazz them up a bit!
A bradawl for making holes in the material.
Screw studs or fold back studs.

This is the type of stud I used. You push the back through the material to the front and then screw the stud onto the stem. I got mine from ebay. You can get a range of studs HERE.

I decided on my pattern and worked from the middle outwards so that I knew it would be centralised. I used a ruler and penciled in dots where I wanted the holes to be.
I then used the bradawl to puncture the leather and wiggled it around to make the hole big enough for the stem of the stud to fit through. If you're using the fold back studs then you will need to make 2/4 holes depending on the type of stud you use.

I fit the first stud to see how it sat on the leather.

I took the stud off again so I could work more easily on the next holes. I worked on one line at a time.

Keep repeating the same process. Prepare for sore hands if you're working on thick leather!


And here's the finished product.

Hope you like them and try them for yourself!


  1. these look great! I really wanna try them<3

    take a peak at my blog please<3

  2. Love how you've used the studs, they look fab! Also love how your cat is getting involved! He's so cute x

  3. These look amazing, I am so impressed! x

    1. Thanks hun :) you should have a go at studding something too, its very theraputic!

  4. These look great! just got a denim jacket on eBay and I migth add some studs now :)