Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hot & Not - 09/02/12

What's been hot:

1. Perfume party with the girls from work. Getting six bottles of perfume for the price of one.

2. Studding an old pair of boots and them turning out pretty damn bad ass.

3. Shopping trip and Snow Patrol gig with a good friend.

4. Making money on an ebay purchase that I bought specifically to sell.

What's not:

1. Walking all the way to work, getting checked out and thinking I looked dead sexy, only to look in the mirror once I got to work and realise I had the remnants of my breakfast Pain Au Chocolat all round my mouth.

2. Getting the bus to work, look in the mirror once I got there, only to realise I had a cotton wool swab stuck in my ear which I'd put there to soak my piercing a few hours before.

3. Forgetting to put my boots on after work, walking home in my ballet shoes in the rain and getting wet socks.

4. Printing out 20 copies of my artist statement and realising that there are spelling mistakes... not before I'd given them out.


  1. Ooh what a lovely idea with the perfume party! Deffo going to suggest that with my friends! I want to try DIY'ing my boots too I think it makes such a difference :) go you for trying it! I absolutely HATE wet socks too, they make me cringe! Hope they've dried off now!


  2. Love this post!
    The perfume party sounds like such a good idea, and very bargainuous! xx

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