Friday, 16 March 2012

How to: DIY Ombre on short hair!

This is a quick post to show you how I ombre'd my short hair.

I used Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit.

Mix the ingredients as per the instructions.

This is how I applied the product to my hair.
Why, oh why do they insist on making the gloves ten times too big for your hands. It ended up going everywhere so after the video was filmed I kept applying the dye but used my bare hands. Naughty naughty! I made sure to periodically wash my hands with soapy water though, to get rid of the bleach.

I tried foiling my hair once I'd applied what I thought was the first layer of dye. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't see how fast the bleach was affecting my hair so I took them out after a short while. I basically kept on adding more and more bleach over the whole time that it was developing on my hair. This meant that the bleach on the tips, where I first applied it, was able to take the colour out of my hair for longer than the bleach that I applied further up my hair, further on in the application.

So this is my hair before...

And this is it after...

I was fully expecting it to pick up a totally blorange colour as I'd previously had a red dye and a purple dye on my hair. I have a toner that I will be using some time this week to try and combat some of the brassiness, but to be honest, in natural lighting it doesn't look too bad. I kind of like the more firey tone.

We will see. It totally fried my hair by the way. As you can see in the video, I forgot to check what time I started to apply the bleach (rookie mistake!!) so instead of leaving it on for the intended 60 minutes, I left it on accidently for the full 90 minute recommended development time. 
I'm just using a lot of conditioner, deep conditioning masks and leave in conditioner at the moment to get some moisture back into it. I'll let you know how it goes.
Don't know how long I will leave my hair like this to be honest, I'll see if it grows on me but I may end up just dying it dark again, haha!



  1. the color looks great on you!
    think its about time to dye my hair again! great post :) thanks for sharing & great blog, following you xx

  2. I really love the end result, you've done a god job!! I'm really wanting to do something drastic with my hair, I just can't decide what.