Thursday, 1 March 2012

Reptile fun!

For a litttle trip out, the Other Half and I decided to pop down to local excotic pet shop The Reptile Room. Here are a few pics of the beauties (well, some!) we found inside!

How exciting!

This little cutie was about as big as my pinky finger and was definitely posing for the camera.

This guy was HUGE. Nearly as big as me, not even gonna lie.


This guy was working the camera. Showing me his moves!

What a cutie!

...and then I looked down.... EEK!

Feed me, Seymore!

What a treasure trove! The shop was so deceivingly small from the front but working our way through the different rooms revealed hundreds of different reptiles. Definitely worth a look if you're around the area or interested in reptiles and other exotic animals!


  1. Gross! I hate, hate, hate snakes!
    I would love a turtle though! I've wanted one for ages!

    1. Haha, I don't really mind snakes but when I looked down and saw that massive one chilling by my feet it freaked me out a bit haha x

  2. You have been nominated for a versatile blogger award x

    1. Ooh, howe exciting! Thank you!! :) xx