Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How to: Make an awesome dessert in ten easy steps! Rocky Road style!

Nigella Lawson's Rocky Road 
Neen and Dan's Ultimate Death by Chocolate Dessert!

Here's how to make it in ten easy steps!

Step one: Gather your ingredients!
You need:
(According to Nigella...)
125g of unsalted butter
300g of chocolate
3tbsp of golden syrup
200g of rich tea biscuits
100g of mini marshmallows
(Give or take! we used more chocolate and fewer biscuits. It's not too important! We also added chocolate chips and chocolate balls for decoration.)

To see the original, proper recipe click HERE!

Step two:
Get a heavy bottom saucepan and put it on a low heat with your butter, chocolate and syrup in. Break your chocolate up so it melts faster.

Remember to stir!

Step three: Test the chocolate. It's a must.

Step four: Get a freezer bag and bung your biscuits inside.

Enlist the help of a big strong bloke and a heavy duty rolling pin.

Bash the buggers to smithereens!

Step five: Set aside half of your melted chocolate/syrup/butter mixture for later.

Get your marshmallows and biscuits at the ready...

...and whack them into the mix.

Yum yum! Give it a good stir.

Step six: Place a cheeky bid on ebay.

Step seven: Pour your mixture into a large flat dish.

We added chocolate chips on top.

Pour the mixture that you set aside before on top.

Step eight: Enjoy a healthy snack that your other half lovingly prepared for you.

Step nine: Flatten it all out as best you can with a spatula or the back of a spoon...

...and sprinkle some goodies on top!

We chose more chocolate chips, chocolate balls and marshmallows. (obviously)

Coor blimey!

Step ten: Refrigerate for two hours or until the chocolate has set. Eat and enjoy.

Moment on the lips... lifetime on the hips!

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  1. OMG how good does like look?! Love how flexible and playful you can be with rocky road!