Friday, 9 March 2012

Shopping Ban Update...

Hi girlies. I thought I'd do a quick shopping ban update. Im not doing very well, haha!

It has been a week and today I was very naughty and bought two little rings from Topshop. I spent £5, and could have spent a lot more so I'm quite happy that I restrained myself to just two little bits.
Other than today's little mishap I have only spent money on the essentials that I've run out of.

I did make an online order from Boots yesterday because I've run out of moisturiser and I'm close on running out of deodorant, too, so we can't be having that! With this I did take advantage of the three for two offer as I was buying two things anyway, so may as well get one free ey? I'll show you what I got on that order when it arrives.

So all that I've spent money on is posting parcels that I've sold on ebay/returning items I'd previously bought before my ban. I've not got any busses and have walked to and from work every day and also taken packed lunches.
I've also been concentrating on using up any products I have that are half empty or less. I think I've done pretty well as I've managed to use up the last of my old foundation, two dry shampoos and a heat protectant spray. I'm also close to using up my Cetaphil cleanser, two perfumes that I've been savouring the last dregs of and a hairspray that's nearly empty.
All good!

I'll leave you with some passport photos I had taken today for an ID card. I definitely have one eye bigger than the other! Do other people have this or is it just me, haha!

See you soon!


  1. I really need to go on a spending ban... It's actually embarrassing how much i buy sometimes! :O


  2. I hate those photos! My uni ID phot I seem to have super tiny eyes! x

  3. I hate having passport photos taken! I have one eye bigger than the other, on certain photos it looks awful, my partner sometimes says I have a bonk eye ha! Remind me again why I'm marrying him....

  4. Well done for doing so well with the spending ban!
    On my passport pictures my lips are way thicker on one side! It is horrific and I am sure I don't walk around like that day to day =/ I hope!

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