Wednesday, 20 June 2012


So I sold a pair of sunglasses on ebay a few days ago and the profit was burning a hole in my paypal account, so I took the decision to make a purchase of some shoes that I'd been eyeing up for months.

You may recall that I posted HERE about some killer dupes that I got from Ebay of the UNIF Hellraiser spiked loafers. I really loved these shoes but unfortunately were too small. I ordered the next size up which arrived and were too big. Luckily I've managed to resell both pairs so haven't lost out on any money, but it spurred me on to go for the real deal instead of messing about with deliveries from Hong Kong of cheaper knockoffs.

Anyway. Long story short. I bought them from, an American website. I ordered 11pm on Monday night and they arrived at my house Wednesday at 1pm. I was SO surprised at how amazingly fast the shipping was from the US to UK. I've had parcels from the UK that took longer to receive. I'm super happy with my purchase and can't wait to wear them EVERY DAYYYY!!

Here's some pics from the unboxing.

Just a quick side note for if you're planning on buying these shoes from I went on their size guide and it said that size UK4 was size US7. I always wear a size 4 and whenever I've had a US  sized shoe they have always been labelled as a size US6. I was a bit hesitant of which size to order, but went with my gut and ordered a US6. The box comes labelled as that, and also as EU36, which is infact, as far as I'm aware, a UK3. However, these shoes fit perfectly. I'm pretty sure their size guide is wrong as I'm sure that these are a UK4!


  1. Eeeek I love these!!

  2. Love them! Just purchased a similar style I'm in love with them xx

  3. American sizes are two sizes up lovely :) I want these so badly they're beautiful!! X

  4. did get to pay the taxes/duties?

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