Sunday, 15 July 2012

O.O.T.D & my first video fail

Hi guys and girls! I had a lovely lie in this morning as I didn't need to be up for work, hurray!
It's cracking the flags here, lovely and warm so decided to get up and do what I do best which is spend an afternoon mooching round the shops!

I decided to try out something new today and film an OOTD for you all, but me being amazing at technology somehow managed to record it in the most rubbish quality ever. I'm also super rubbish at editing so...there's pretty much none of that so it's all choppy...
BUUUTTT, it took ages to import and export and upload and process and all that jazz so I thought I may as well put it on here anyway! If there's no sound now, hopefully in a little while there should be, as I'm waiting for an audioswap on youtube and it seems to be taking forever. Bear with me!

 I said it was ridiculously rubbish quality, didn't I! It's a good job I took some pics to go with it...

I wore my studded denim jacket from Topshop.
"Damned" t-shirt from Topshop.

Second Skin black skinny jeans from Cheap Monday.

Neutral makeup, simple winged black liner.

Watch is the MK5137 chronograph gold and silver by Michael Kors.
Studded gold bracelet from Topshop.
Beaded gold and pearl bracelet from BHS.

Bag is the 11" Classic Satchel by The Cambridge Satchel Company.
White Converse from JD.

Sorry for the crap quality of the video. If I do another one, I'll try and sort my camera settings out!


  1. Love the video haha, well done! It's soooo much effort I have never managed one!
    Love this outfit, it's so you. Cute and tough =)

  2. I love your look! this jacket is amazing. I follow u now, follow back if you want:)

    xx chris

  3. Great look. Especially loving the bead bracelet :0) Dawn

  4. Great look! loving your studded accessories!!

    I am following your blog now! and if you like, check out my blog and follow me back?

    Much Love,

  5. Love your accessories here! Also really like the banner of your blog! I want to decorate my room with decals just like it :)

    <3 Kelly

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