Monday, 27 August 2012

Me&FYC feat. Nails by Neeny's Wishlist!

Hi guys. I've been really busy this week and loads of interesting things have been going on in Blackpool. Manchester based clothing company Me&Yu have teamed up with Blackpool's FYCreatives (a creative business centre which boasts a lovely gallery and hub space where people can network) to host Blackpool's first Pop Up Shop, aptly called Me&FYC.

The temporary shop is open from Friday 17th August until the 1st September and sells Sandgrown fashion, art and design from the Blackpool and Fylde Coast. All of the products in the shop are inspired by or made in and across Blackpool.

Angie (above), one half of fashion duo Me&Yu, kindly asked me to help out at the Pop Up Shop event "A Fashionable Evening" by doing manicures for all the lovely ladies who came along.

I had a great night and got to meet some lovely ladies. I took a few pictures of the nails I did that night.
Here's my gorgeous set up, thanks to Angie as I didn't have time to get round earlier and set up my table as I was at work right up until the event started - hence the frazzled makeup and hair on this next pic!

All of the nail varnishes above were for sale and I managed to diminish a fair bit of my excessive collection!

Hope you had fun reading this post. For more information, you can click the links below.


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    1. What a lovely comment, thank you. I don't see you on my GFC follow list, did you follow some other way? I'll definitely check out your blog :) Thanks for visiting x

  2. What a nice thing to be asked to do! Love the manicures =)

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