Wednesday, 29 August 2012

O.O.T.D ft. MaxStar Flatform Sneaker

Hi guys,

I recently got in touch with a company called MaxStar shoes. I'd seen their shoes on a couple of youtube channels that I'm subscribed to and really liked the look of them, so I messaged the company and asked if I could review a pair of their shoes for you guys. Julian at MaxStar very kindly sent me a pair of my choice so I could try them out and let you know what I thought of them!

These are the shoes I picked out....wait for it...


Aren't they insane!? 

They are the MaxStar C50 6 Hole Platform Low Sneaker in Black which you can find HERE. They look super like the Converse All Stars but sport a mega platform sole.

Here's what I decided to wear them with. I was just having a casual day with the boyfriend and needed to run a few errands in town.

And this is how they look close up...

I have to admit, at first sight of them I thought they were going to be hard to walk in and pretty clunky...but I couldn'tve been more wrong. These shoes rival the comfort of regular Converse trainers in my opinion. They are very lightweight because the sole seems to be made out a firm spongey material rather than the thick rubber that Converse are made from. This both makes the shoes super light and also makes them really, really comfy and squidgy beneath the feet. :) 

I ordered a size 6.0 which is equal to a UK4 - which I am - and they fit me perfectly. I walked all day in them today and there was no rubbing what-so-ever. Ker-ching!

Comparing them to authentic Converse again, I'd say that the material is a little thinner - not quite the canvassy material that the Converse are made out of, but by no means are they bad quality.

The only issue I did have with these shoes when walking was that they seemed to be a bit loose round the heel area. To be honest, though, you can see how I've laced them up (to hide the shoelace bow) and I didn't really pull them that tight. If I would've tied them properly, this would most likely tighten them up a little, but I kind of like the loose, slouchy look, so why am I even complaining... I'm not.

Anyway, here's a video of my O.O.T.D so you can see me walking in these babies!

MaxStar have a whole range of platform/flatform sneaks - some are absolutely mental! You have to check them out. I went with quite a tame pair but you can get silver, stripy, acid wash - pretty much any colour. They also come in the Hi-Top style as well.

Visit MaxStar website HERE. If you do decide to purchase any of the shoes on the website you can use the following promo code to receive 10% off your order.

Coupon Code: NEENY
Expiry Date: September 20th 2012

By the way, my order arrived within about 3 days from Korea which I thought was bloody good!

Let me know what you think of these.
See you soon guys! 


  1. I love the shoes!
    Please look or even follow my blog, it's not as good as yours but its a working progress! X

    1. I'll definitely check out your blog. Thanks for visiting x

  2. They are amazing!!

    your blog is really great ! maybe we follow each other!? let me know greetings

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