Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Shellac at home removal!

Hi guys. I'm really sorry I haven't updated recently. I've had zero days off work and therefore zero time to myself! I really wanted to blog about something but the only interesting thing I've done is take my mum's Shellac manicure off...and that's not particularly thaaat interesting. 

Buttt...I thought I'd show you what I do anyway to take off Shellac at home for cheap.

First I start off by cutting some foil pieces - around the size of a bank card - and some small cotton pad pieces.  I used a regular sized circular cotton pad and got two pads out of each of them by cutting them in half and trimming the edges.

My mum had picked off four of her nails already, naughty!

Anyway, I then soaked a cotton pad in 100% acetone and placed over the nail.

Next, I placed a foil strip over the nail and cotton pad...

...pushed down and folded the edges over...

...to create a makeshift nail guard which holds the acetone covered pad onto the nail and stops it evaporating.

Squeeze each foil thimble with your hands to ensure the acetone covered cotton pad is touching all the nail.
I waited for 10-15 minutes for the acetone to break down the Shellac.

I pushed firmly on the nail and twisted the foil a couple of times before pulling it completely off the finger. This removes as much product as possible in the first sweep.

I then used a wooden orange stick to gently scrape off the remainder of the Shellac. This comes off easily.

I took another cotton pad, soaked it in acetone, and ran it over the nail to get rid of any extra bits of Shellac that may still be gripped to the nail.


The nails aren't damaged from the shellac as no filing is necessary to remove it.


This is also the longest that my mum's nails have been in a very long time. The Shellac gives the nail more strength and stops them breaking as much as usual. Always a bonus!



  1. Oh what a good idea! This sounds like something I should try- my nails are so weak that they don't grow! xx

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