Sunday, 2 September 2012

Khaki Jacket with Leather Sleeves!

Hi guys, 
As you've probably seen in previous outfit posts of mine, I own the Zara Safari Jacket with Leather Sleeves which is now sold out.

HOWEVER! I've recently been seeing (much to my annoyance!) plenty of replicas on the Highstreet/online! So if you liked the Zara version but didn't quite manage to get your hands on it, fear not. Here are a few places you can get some dupes!


I'm very unimpressed as they're all cheaper than what I paid for my Zara one...buttttttt it always seems to happen! Now you can all get your hands on one for cheap as chips!



  1. Its a beautiful jacket! I was going to get the one from topshop but now youve said primark has them, I might have a gander i there.

    It looks great on you though!!

  2. I have the river island version, wore it for its first outing this weekend :) I like how you styled yours in your picture!

  3. I might pick up the river island one tomorrow.
    your look is lovely.


  4. I love this jacket!
    I really want one for myself :D
    Loving your blog btw!
    pls follow me back would be so nice :)