Friday, 2 November 2012

Should've Gone to Firmoo!

Hello everyone! 
Eee, I'm so excited to share this post with you. I love getting parcels in the mail (who doesn't?) and the other day, these little beauties from Firmoo landed on my doorstep.

I was very, very kindly sent this pair of glasses to try out and to be honest I wasn't expecting them to arrive so fast, so it was a nice little surprise to come home to after staying away for Halloween for a couple of days. 

From being dispatched from China to arriving at my door in good old North West England it only took bang on seven days. Speedy!

These are Model number #DBSN5252 in Matte Black and can be found HERE is a Global Online Optical Store which offers a massive range of glasses for both ladies and gents at really affordable prices. It also has a large range of sunglasses which, as well as the regular glasses, can be made with prescription lenses. Firmoo also have a designer range too, which are slightly more on the expensive side, but I'm definitely lusting over a few pairs in that section, let me tell you!

So, at my last appointment at the opticians I was told that, basically, my eyes don't align 100% accurately which is the why I sometimes get blurriness or double vision. I was actually quite excited about getting glasses until they told me that they would need to be 'special' prism lenses (think Professor from Futurama) to help fix this problem. Errrrm, no thanks! So I opted to keep up with some eye exercises on a promise that it "should" help in the long run.

Long story short. I'm bogeyed when I get stressed and I'll deal with it but in the mean time I'll wear pretend (none prescription) glasses til my heart's content. Just because!

So here they are and I actually really, really like them. 

So, I  always find it really hard trying to fathom what pair will suit my face when I'm not able to actually try the frames on in person. One thing I found really helpful on the website was the nifty little feature that actually made it a lot easier for me to pick which frames I liked best. You can upload a picture of yourself, determine the distance between your eyes and click through the frames on the website to see how they actually look on your face! Virtual insanittyyyy.

These are the ones I chose, but in the Matte Black version. Excuse the frazzled look, I'd just got back from work in the picture that I used as my upload!

And here's how they actually look on. I think it's quite an accurate representation, what do you think?

I also "tried on" a number of other pairs which are similar styles, as you can see below.

I didn't see until quite late on (duh! Pass me my glasses) that a number of frames come in different colour variations, which you can view with the "Select Colour" option in the top right of the product spec page. Hence the reason I only "tried on" the green version of the frames that I actually ordered.

The glasses themselves are reasonably sturdy. The arms don't seem to bend outwards past the frames and give reasonable resistance to any attempts to do this. They seem very nicely made, no sharp edges or wobbly bits - which is always good!

The frame that I chose is a lovely Matte texture and feel almost furry to the touch, which I love. I thought it was also nice that they come with both a hard case, a soft pouch and a cloth for cleaning the lenses. As well as that, the glasses also came with a spare set of screws for the hinges and a little screwdriver for any mishaps. (Must. Not. Stand. On. Glasses!)

Strike a pose! ;)

They also fit very nicely. All the measurements for each frame is in the specifications so if you're a glasses wearer already, you can easily imagine how big or small the frames are going to be in comparison to your own. If you're not a glasses wearer, like me, just compare them to some of your sunglasses or make a paper template or draw it to scale with eyeliner on the mirror - that's always fun :)

Ordering is really simple if you're interested in getting yourself a pair of glasses. And what's even better is that if you order yourself a pair (first time buyer) you actually get the frames....FREE. Uh, what?! 

Everyone loves that word! There must be a catch, right? Well, you do have to pay shipping costs, but that's it. 

THIS LINK explains exactly how you can order your first pair of free glasses. (If you're interested and do actually make an order, will you let me know?! I'd love to see which ones you chose.)

If you have any troubles at all, the Customer Service team are super fast at responding to any questions you may have. I exchanged a number of emails with Firmoo and my responses were always quick, friendly and informative. I even messaged them on facebook, to which they replied at lightning speed, too.

Happy Movember by they way, guys! I'm sporting my Mo' earrings in support for the cause!

Oh, and my lippy is "Chatterbox" by MAC.

So what you waiting for! Glasses wearers or frame fakers (like me!) get yourself over to Firmoo to check out their range.

Choose your glasses > Click First Pair Free - GET NOW > Log in > Place your order with the Promo Code issued to you!

If you have any other info you want to know, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Hope you like the frames I chose and make sure you let me know if you order some for yourself, I'd love to have a nosey. :)

See you later Alligators!

Just so you know, all opinions are my own. I was sent these glasses for review but was under no obligation to write a biased post at all. I really, really like um! :)


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