Tuesday, 6 November 2012

What do I wear to my Christmas Party HELP!?

So, I've been browsing around and saw this dress. I need your guys opinions!

It would be for a Christmas party with my work. I absolutely fell in love with the photo of it, but can't find any pictures of actual people wearing it.

Question of the night: Do you think it will make me look like a sparkly bin bag?

Ugh, I want it so bad.


  1. The black and sparkles is very classic and I think you would look great in it for a Christmas party. What kind of shoes or heels would you wear with it? :)


  2. No I think you will look great , wear it with a pair of leather pants or a bit trashed jeans so you dress it down a bit. And since its so great and sparkly the need or jewlery isnt that big :)

    Thank you somuch for your comment!

    Stop by soon! Lots of new posts!


  3. I think this would be ideal for Christmas! A pair of heels and you're well away :) x

  4. Get it! & surely you can return it if you really don't like it? x

  5. It seems great for Christmas, a bit big though, maybe you'd need a belt with it?
    Daniella x