Sunday, 16 December 2012

Michael Kors MK5128 Rose Gold Watch Review

Hi guys, I thought I'd make a blog post on my Michael Kors watch.
From my recent statistics, one of the most searched for things that leads people to my blog is this watch - so I'm guessing a lot of people want one for Christmas or are thinking of buying one for a gift. I wanted to do a quick review of mine in hopes that it will help some of you decided if it's the right timepiece for you!

So the watch in question is the Michael Kors MK5128 Ladies Chronograph Watch in Rose Gold.

The measurements of the watch are as follows:

The watch face measures 40mm wide and the depth measures around 14mm.

The strap width is 20mms.

For reference, my wrist measures about 140mms around, and you can see the size of the face on my arm in the pictures.

It's definitely not 'too big' on my wrist, however, I would class it as a large watch. It makes a statement but also remains very feminine because it's not too bulky.
The watch strap can be shortened if needs be. I had a few links taken out to make it fit better - you can take it to any jewellers to get the links taken out. The watch features the simple pin method so it's not complicated at all to remove or re-add links. 

For my wrist measurement, I have 13 complete links. This allows comfort room for my watch to move, but does not allow the face to fall to the underside of my wrist. If in doubt, try one on in your local stockists. If you're buying it as a gift, I wouldn't worry about the watch not fitting as even on my watch, I have 3 more links that are removable to make the strap smaller,  and also have 5 spare links incase I ever need to make the strap larger.

I wear my MK5128 every day, pretty much. It is a very sturdy watch, meaning it is quite weighty. Looking at specs online, the watch weighs around 455grams. I've always worn heavy watches, but it may take some getting used to if you're used to wearing more delicate styles. 

I wear mine to work every day, for at least 10 hours at a time. By the end of the day I do feel more comfortable with it off, however, I don't particularly notice it being uncomfortable throughout the day, so I'd say it is easy to wear.

The colour of this watch is gorgeous. The Rose Gold finish allows you to wear it with any coloured jewellery you desire. I was struggling to pick between the different colour variations when I was buying this watch (it comes in loads, silver, gold, duo, brown, rose) but I think I definitely went with the right choice.

The watch looks great with silver jewellery...

It also looks great with gold jewellery...

...or pearly beads...

...or a mash up of a bit of everything!

It goes without saying that it would look awesome with rose gold jewellery, but I don't actually own any!

The watch has many features including Chronograph dials, luminous hour markers and arms, date display, stopwatch. Personally, I just use it to tell the time - but if you like all this extra bumf, then this watch may be perfect for you! 

If you're interested, it also features Japanese Quartz battery and is water resistant upto 50 - 100m which means you can apparently go swimming in it without it being affected. I can't swim and never wear my watch in the shower or bath so have no experience with this area. If in doubt though, don't get it wet!

The fastener is a 'Push Button Deployment Clasp' apparently. It's easy peasy to put on and easy peasy to take off.

You just need to fold it over and click it together to fasten it and to take it off, you just press the two buttons on either side of the Michael Kors branded clasp. Mine has never unclasped itself.

Here's a side view of the watch. The links with the small dots in the corner of them are the links that are able to be removed if you need to.

As I said, I've worn my watch every day for a good year at least and I don't think it's in bad condition at all. It has held up well. The colouring is all in tact and there are no tarnished areas. I've bashed it many a time on walls and doors and given it some general wear and tear in my workplace and there aren't any major dints or scratches on the face or strap.

The watch comes in it's own box with spare links and booklet.

As if you couldn't tell already, I absolutely LOVE this watch, and I think that anyone would be thrilled to receive it as a gift... of if you're like me, a present to yourself would be greatly received! ;)

You can't go wrong, honestly. 
I got my watch from Goldsmiths (I was lucky enough to claim it off my insurance, though, as my last watch from there had to go in for repairs about 5 times, so I got it for swapsies, yay!) but you can get this style from countless of stockists. It is around £199 but depending on where you buy it from you could get a better deal, or be ripped off! It's best to do your shopping around to find the best price.
The big department stores like Selfridges, John Lewis and House of Fraser are selling them for £229, but here are some websites where you can get it for around £180.

And if you're buying for yourself, why not check out ebay to see if you can get a bargain!?

I really hope this helped you if you were thinking about getting this watch. As I said, recently it has been one of the most searched items on my blog, so I'm guessing that people are after it for Christmas. It's really hard to find some in depth reviews of watches so I hope that I've helped you make up your mind.

Five out of five stars awarded by me! :)
Get one!
Go on, treat yourself or someone you love.



  1. This watch is soooo beautiful, I just sadly cannot justify ythe price tag to buy one for myself! :(

    Jo xx

  2. Just give this to me now !!!!!!

  3. So beautiful...was considering buying one today but then told myself it's too expensive and then went to Space NK and spent a fortune to "cheer myself up" :)

  4. i have found a fake version of this watch and i am buying it myself. affordable. good reviews. may not last as long but it is better than nothing! x

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  8. Hi guys, I thought I'd make a blog post on my Michael Kors watch. ...

  9. It’s gorgeous! Be it Christmas or birthdays, I imagine anyone would be thrilled to receive a Michael Kors watch as a gift. Just look at how classy and beautiful their collections are! No wonder this the most searched entry in your blog. You are probably right when you said people stumbled upon your blog because they’re after something like your beautiful watch. Cheers!

    Jake Schwartz @ Gold Fever Catch it!

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