Thursday, 6 December 2012

OOTD - Preston and Barton Grange

The other half and I went for a little trip to Preston yesterday. Here's what went down!

Zoom zoom!

We visited Barton Grange Garden Centre where I saw Santa!

And the world's most expensive Christmas trees...

This little baby was £15! I felt like Phoebe from Friends and wanted to take it home because it was so cute but not for that price!

If you're anywhere near Barton/Preston, I'd definitely recommend going to have a little wander round the Garden Centre. It has so many pretty things over Christmas.

We then went on to Preston for a little bit of Christmas shopping.

Didn't wanna go down that alley...


This is what I wore, anyway...

Tshirt from Topshop.
Trousers from Topshop.
Boots from Ash.

Bowler hat from River Island.
Coat with fur collar from Topshop.
Bag from Cambridge Satchel Company.

Then we got stuck in traffic and took some silly photos.

Then we put up our Christmas Trees. The end. 

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