Sunday, 17 February 2013

Perfect LBD!

I nipped to Preston the other day and couldn't help but browse the Topshop sale. I nearly died on the spot when I saw what was hanging out there...last one in my size.

I've been lusting after this dress for absolutely ages. I didn't want to pay full price for it (£65) so waited. It went into the sale a good while ago but by the time I spotted it, all of my sizes had been sold in my local store and online. 
I can't believe I found it, yay!
It has been reduced to £40, but with my discount I only paid £30. Bargs!

It could be a possible contender for my brother's wedding - with a coloured ribbon around the waist, perhaps, or a bright chunky necklace and shoes?
Who knows.

There's also a skirt version in the same fabric on the Last Chance To Buy rail in my local Topshop and I'm sorely tempted to go at try it on. I love the embroidered flowers on it as it makes it a little more feminine...but it's black. Perfect.



  1. Such a pretty dress! I love the embroidered flowers, absolutely gorgeous, It must have been fate that brought you together!!

    Sita xx

    1. I thought the exact same thing. It was meant to be haha! x

  2. Such a lovely dress! The flowers make it more wearable for s/s.. love it

  3. would love to see what it looks like on, the embroidery is gorgeous ! x

  4. Love it!

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  5. This dress is too cute!

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