Sunday, 28 April 2013

Blackpool Critical Mass April 2013

Hi guys, sorry it's been a while.
Yesterday I took part in Blackpool's First "Critical Mass".

Critical Mass is a group bicycle ride which caters for all ages and abilities. We had no set route, just a leisurely ride around the town.
The turn out was great and if you're local, you should definitely try to come down to the next one.

Visit the Blackpool Critical Mass Facebook page to keep up to date on when we're planning another ride.

Here's a few photos from the evening, and an awesome video at the bottom which shows you the route we took.

We had a speaker system in this trailer which played out some awesome tunes whilst we rode.



  1. Been this looks so cool I'd totally be up for it x

  2. :-0 we rode past this & i was like omg a pink poppy pashley!!!!!! (i'd just picked up my penny) looks like you had fun x

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