Monday, 21 November 2011

How to: Dye your hair like a pro in ten easy steps!

Here's the basics you will need:

Two or more old towels.
One tin of Vaseline. Aloe Vera optional.
One comb.
One timing/music device. I decided to use my phone.
And of course, one hair dye of choice. 

I decided to use Schwarzkopf LIVE Salon Style in 3-3 Dark Violet, Permanent.
(NB. Permanent my arse!)

Here is what my hair looked like before I started. Bear in mind that I'd used this hair dye last time I dyed my hair about a month ago...and it pretty much faded into a reddy-purply-brown. Butttt, I guess any hair dye fades after time and I like the colour, so I will keep using it!

Step one. Get set up. Lay an old towel on the floor to avoid sneaky spillages on the carpet or tiles. Wrap an old towel around your shoulders so you don't ruin your clothes. (Top tip: Don't wear your favourite clothes!) Comb through your hair.

Step two. Read the instructions of your hair dye.

Step three. Follow them carefully! (Perform an allergy test if you're new to dying your hair, have sensitive skin, or if you're using a different brand to one you have used before!)

Step four. Grab your Vaseline and smear it all around your hairline, forehead, ears, back of neck etc. This sounds revolting but will help you wipe away any dye that you accidently get on your skin during application. If you're like me and get hair dye everywhere then you should probably use a fair amount of Vaseline and put it pretty much all over your entire face and shoulders.
(Not really, just around your hairline is fine...)

Step five. Put on your gloves! 
Side note: Why are the gloves included in hair dye packets ALWAYS too big? Come on, who has thumbs this long?

Step six. Follow your hair dye instructions on how to mix your ingredients. Shake it, sh-shake it, shake it, sh-shake it!

Step seven. Put that shit on yo' head. Rub it in! Make sure every hair is covered in hair dye.

This is what it will look like when you've finished if you're as messy as me. Now, who wants purple face hair and sideburns? NOT ME! Avoid this by following step eight.

Step eight: Get a bit of tissue paper or an old face cloth and dampen it with water. Rub away any excess dye that has gone onto your skin. Because we put Vaseline on our head before,  it should wipe away super easily.


Step nine: Now comes the waiting game. I had to wait 30 minutes for my dye to work its magic. I set the timer on my phone, ate some birthday sweeties and had a little boogie to Katy Perry. I suggest you do the same.

Step ten: Wash out the hair dye as to the instructions on your information leaflet. Wait for your fabulous new hair to dry and Voila! Done!

Hope you like it! Maybe try it yourself and let me know how it goes. :)


  1. haha youre little jokes are funny :P xx

  2. @Vikki Haha, if you can't have a bit of a joke around then you'll get nowhere! Welcome to my blog, thanks for following and I hope you like reading it. :) x

  3. Thank you for a very entertaining hair dye lesson!