Tuesday, 22 November 2011

O.O.T.D. 22/11/11 & Breaking Dawn SPOILER ALERT!

On the agenda for today was to spend the afternoon chilling with the boyf, have a wander round town and then later on in the evening cinema with two girl friends.

Comfort should have been a key point to my outfit today, but it totally wasn't.
The hat came off as soon as I moved my head faster than walking speed.
Plasters were on hand for my ultra stiff shoe heels that insist on rubbing my ankles down to the bone.
And jeans so tight I had a mini work out trying to get them on.
But other than that, the outfit was a great choice. :)

Shirt, jeans, shoes, bobble hat are all from Topshop
Cross necklace from Etsy
Gold watch from Guess
Bag from Cambridge Satchel Company

While I was in town, I popped in to the piercers to get a check up on my inner helix piercing and to ask him to do the second piercing for me. Good news is that the first piercing is healing fine but the bad news is that he wouldn't pierce the next one for at least another couple of weeks. Booo.

Anyway, I went to see Breaking Dawn with the girls and what can I say except for do NOT take anyone younger than 18 to see this film! I'm traumatised, not even kidding.
At first I was all like "Waheyyy, Jacob with his top off within the first five seconds of the film starting." Then I was like, "Aww what a lovely wedding," and, "Aww what a lovely honeymoon!" 
But then I was all like, "Ot ohhh, baby Vampire!" and then was like, "Oh my Gahhhh, skinny Bella!" and, "Lols Jedward and Renesmee!" Then there was a lot of howling and fights which was okay until, "Da fuuuuch?! Non anaesthetised cesarean! Blood! Guts! 8 month old baby! Omg she's dead! Don't chomp on her leg!" 

What did I just see? I'm not even sure, but I can tell you I was NOT expecting whatever that just was.


  1. Love the shoes I nearly bought them a while back but I never got round to it! I'm not a twilight fan so I wont be going but people have spoken about it so much I feel just like I have XX

  2. @Danielle - I've not read the last book, I got a bit bored through out the third one and I've heard the last one is super crappily written so I didn't think I'd bother. Films are okay though, although nothing special and some of the acting is Hollyoaks standard haha. The shoes pretty much rip the whole back of my heel off if worn for too long, but I'm trying my very hardest to break them in because they're just so pretty :(!

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