Sunday, 6 November 2011

Yves Saint Laurent - Arty Oval Ring

I've seen this ring all over fashion blogs for months on end and I have been very intrigued. One of the most popular versions I have seen is this dark yet vibrant blue on gold ring. (Available at Net-A-Porter, here.)

This version isn't to my taste, I think the gold seems a bit brash and not to mention I'm not a fan of blues. At first, I have to be honest, I thought the style and colour palettes of these rings were ridiculously ugly. But then something happened.

Oh. My. God.
This colour variation is so me! She's available from the Yves Saint Laurent official site, here

I'd been looking for weeks, accidently (on purpose) going back to the YSL site and having a cheeky pine over this beauty. Since my other half has been asking me what I want for my birthday, I not so sneakily added this monstrosity to the top of the list. Although the price-tag is quite steep (£135 for the smallest size 04, jumping to £165 for all other sizes 05-08) I decided that I wanted to split the cost meaning it would be a birthday present for me, from both of us. 

So, yes, I ordered it. And I'm so excited. I have pretty small fingers so I ordered the smallest size (04) and I'm hoping to God that she will fit. I have thin fingers yet chunky knuckles - not so fondly known as my NikNak fingers - and normally wear a size Small on my middle finger in highstreet rings. I want to wear the arty on my ring finger on my right hand, which is normally too small for any highstreet sized rings. So fingers and toes crossed that the 04 will fit and not be too small for my knucks! Due to arrive tomorrow, but I had to order it to the better half's house because he doesn't believe I won't sneakily open it before my birthday. Would I do that?! Ahem...

In related news, if you're quick you can be in for a chance to win one of these beautiful arty rings through a competition run by Net-A-Porter (unfortunately the silver/black combo isn't available on Net-A-Porter though, boohoo!)

All you have to do is count how many rings are in the picture they show you, then you're entered into a prize draw. You could be one of the lucky five winners to bag yourself one of these rings! Click HERE to see how to enter. But be quick, it ends tonight (midnight of Sunday 6th November)!

I've already entered. I never win anything but I thought I'd give it a go. Hopefully it will be sods law that I actually do win a competition for the first time in my life because I've just forked out my own money and actually bought one for myself...but hey, can't go wrong with two!

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