Saturday, 3 December 2011

O.O.T.D. 03/12/11

I have two days off work this weekend, bliss. So I got up and ready to head out into town to pick up some bits and bobs for Christmas and then the heavens opened. 

The rain was torrential this morning so I waited until early afternoon 'til I braved going out the door. I spent most of the morning searching for my lost keys anyway. Found them under my quilt, obvious place to keep them.

Anyway, here's what I wore.  I ended up swapping my black cardigan for a grey hoodie and leather jacket when I went out as it looked super miserable outside and I wanted to be warm.

I decided to embrace my inner Greebo today and went for big boots, slouchy hat, skulls and dark makeup. Definitely not feeling anything other than the cold and miserable weather at the moment and also seem to be having a miserable face day, evidently, as I decided not to look at the camera at all!

Skull tshirt is from Topshop years ago and was the most expensive tshirt I've ever bought at £22. I've worn it to death though and it is definitely my favourite tshirt ever. 

Leggings are from Primark lingerie section - they're the body sculpting leggings and I'm pretty sure they're meant to be worn under trousers and not as leggings themselves, but..bothered? They were only cheap, I think either £4 or £6. And they're not see through so all is well. Plus, I try my best not to have my booty hanging out all over the place anyway.

My cardigan is again from Topshop ages ago, but you can find black cardis everywhere.

Bag is by Alexander Wang and it's called the Rocco in laser-cut leather.

On my nails I'm wearing Matte Black nail polish from Urban Outfitters. It looks good for the first hour or so that you put it on, but gradually gets more and more shiny and chips very easily, just incase you're interested.

My eye makeup is all from the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I used Gunmetal all over the lid, Buck and Naked to blend out the crease and Creep to darken the outer corners. I then applied a thick line of Clinique Brush on Creme Liner in True Black 02 and two globby coats of crappy mascara that I'm trying to use up.

My skull ring is by Alexander McQueen. The thumb ring and middle finger ring were my Grandparents'.

My hat is from BANK last year or so, I got it for a bargain 90p in the sale. It's super slouchy and looks a bit like a Smurf hat but it was a bargain and it's cold outisde, so...

I wore one of my favourite pairs of boots today. They are Dr Martens Triumph boots and have ribbon laces. You can get them in a range of colours now and they are available HERE. The ones I am wearing today are from Schuh and to find them click HERE.

While I was out I wanted to pop to Topshop to try on a tshirt I saw the other day. Ended up really liking it but the quality was just so poor for the price (£22) that I decided against buying it even though I had a gift voucher left from my birthday. I tried on a couple more things that caught my eye as I was walking round the shop.

This is the tshirt that I went to try on. I really like how it looks but don't think it would last. Very over priced for a thin tshirt. Can't find it online as it wasn't a Topshop label, I think it was a boutique or concession brand.

I also tried on this stripy dress as I loved the neckline and have a similar one that I bought years ago, except it's strapless. Think I'm getting too old to be wearing super skintight things though, so again decided against this one as I'd have to walk around breathing in all day in order to not look like I was hanging out all over the show.
Very reasonable price though I thought and was very nice quality material. If it were plain black I think I may have bought this just for the neckline and sleeves. It is £22 and is available HERE.

This next item I loved but again I just thought it was too expensive. (And they didn't have the size I wanted) Super Christmassy and very warm and snug, this cardigan is available HERE for £65. I was really contemplating buying it but didn't because I would have preferred a size 8 instead of a size 10 which is what I'm wearing in the photo. I loved the pattern and the material, however, since the cardi has a faux fur trim and contains wool it is hand wash only. I can't be doing with not being able to shove it in the washing machine or the tumble dryer, I think it's just too much hassle so that was the thing that sealed the deal for me and I put it back on the rail. :(

How is everyone doing with their Christmas shopping?


  1. Woo! The Docs got a wear :) Very appropriate for this cold December weather!

  2. Yesss, love them! Not worn them for a while though slight rubbage occurred, sad times. How are your beauties wearing in? :)

  3. Jealous of your bag. I've found that many of the matte varnishes I've bought don't last I think matte top coats work better. x