Tuesday, 6 December 2011

O.O.T.D. 06/12/11 and my fat breakfast!

All I seem to be doing is outfit of the day posts recently, and here's another one! I'm not really doing much today, had to go out and drop off one of my artworks this morning to the local Gallery that I'm a member of. May have a potential buyer, so fingers crossed!
Going to have a bit of a tidy up of my bedroom since there's a load of crap piling up on my floor that is getting to the height of my bed somehow. After/before/during that I might go and get my other half some yummy dinner before he has to go to work (might have to pop into Topshop on the way to pick up some shoes I've been lusting after! More about those later...)

Here's what I'm wearing today.

The grey slouchy top is from Forever 21 online. I'm wearing a bandeau top from Topshop underneath it so my norks aren't hanging out all over the show as the F21 top is an eensy bit too big.

My bag is from the Cambridge Satchel Company.
I'm wearing my favourite flats - VECTRA from Topshop, available HERE
I actually bought two pairs of these shoes when they first came available in my size as I'm so in love with them and dread the day when I ruin them or they fall apart. I thought I'd get a backup pair just incase. I went into Topshop over the weekend (see previous blogpost) and tried on a few items of clothing that I'd seen, however I also saw my beloved Vectra loafers in leather rather than suede. I didn't try them on but they've been calling my name ever since - yes, I know they're pretty much exactly the same... but come on, I need some leather ones don't I?

They're available online HERE for £28.

My check shirt is from Topshop and the velvety leggings are from Miss Selfridge.

My watch is the Nikon Time Teller in pink and the bracelets are from random shops, BHS, Dorothy Perkins etc.

The cross ring I got for Christmas last year off my lovely boyfo and I think it's from Urban Outfitters. I also got this Tiffany inspired necklace from the other half sometime last year from ebay for super cheap!

The makeup I'm wearing is inspired by the Kiera Knightly tutorial by Pixiwoo, you can watch it on youtube HERE

Before I go, can we all just take a minute to appreciate the immensity of my breakfast on Sunday morning. I got to have a lie in while boyf cooked breakfast for us and his family. Bloody marvelous!


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  2. Wow, thanks for your comment Sara. I never thought someone from such a renowned blog would even bother checking out mine, let alone like it :)
    Thank you so much, love your blog too!

  3. I've been looking at those studded pumps too, a definite need!

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