Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas Gifts & Sale Shopping!

I got the bargain of the century this weekend in the Christmas sales. I visited my local Next Outlet store and picked up this little beauty.

It is a lovely quality perforated suede in a tealy-grey colour. I grabbed it off the rail as soon as I saw it and decided to try it on even though size 12's are normally too big for me. It does fit a little loose but I couldn't pass up this bargain...

...was originally £140 reduced to £15! Kerching!

The perforated suede and shoulder details, as well as the silvery-gold hardware, are to die for. Super chuffed!

While I was shopping I also popped into a store called "Bags etc" and snagged these two vanity cases on a Buy One Get One Free offer. £10 for the both of them. I've been needing some sturdy cases for a long while and loved the bold pattern on these.

I've used the bigger of the two to store my nail varnishes, and the smaller one to store my every day makeup.

From Next I also found this infinity faux fur scarf for a whopping £1! Saw a similar one in the Topshop sale the other day for at least £8 and I nearly bought that at the time. So I patted myself on the back for finding such a bargain with this one!

I was lucky enough to get these Jeffrey Campbell "Pencil Me In" flats for Christmas. They have been unavailable for years and I randomly received an email from telling me that they had come back in stock back in mid November so took the opportunity to purchase them. I'd read a lot of reviews saying they run small so you should buy one size up. The full size up from my foot size was sold out so I decided to go for the half size up and they're still a bit tight. I'm currently trying to break them in to make them more wearable. I've been walking round in excruciating pain with thick socks on to try to stretch the leather slightly. It has worked to a fashion but still needs a bit more work. Any ideas on how to stretch leather shoes with proven results!?

Did you pick up any bargains in the Christmas sales?


  1. Such a bargain on that jacket!
    Those shoes are adorable. My mother always used to say to crumple up wet newspaper and put that in leather shoes to stretch them x

  2. @xXxStundonxXx Thank you! I will try that I think, a few people have mentioned it to me so I think that will be my next attempt! :)

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