Sunday, 1 January 2012

Wishlist: 01/01/12

So, it's the new year and I've been online sale browsing (of course!) and I've pretty much made a mental list as long as my arm of things I would quite happily purchase if I had all of the money in the world. Unfortunately, I don't, and unfortunately I accidently started browsing things that weren't in the sale as well...
Here's a few things that are on top of my list.

1. Ipad 2 in black. The ultimate unnecessary luxury. Why do I need one? Obviously I have thousands of reasons. Can I think of them all at this moment in time? Not quite. However, I reaaaaaaallly want one. This has all sprung from playing on by brother's iPad this Christmas and me becoming insanely jealous and wanting one for myself.

2. Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. Or to be more precise, Shu Uemura eyelash curler refill pads. I wish to God that they sold the refills separately as I despise thinking about spending around £20 on a new pair when I have a perfectly good pair in my makeup bag. All I need is the refill! And what's worse is that I KNOW that I have one more refill somewhere in my room. I kept it safe in the box but somehow lost it, a few months ago I found it again and put it safely on my desk, and now it has completely disappeared! I can't fathom where on earth it has gone, but all I know is that it's not where I left it. So now I'm stuck contemplating buying a brand new curler (because they're bloody good) just because they refuse to sell the insert pads separately!

3. Tight, black, colourfast skinny jeans. Pictured are Cheap Monday skinny jeans. I really need to go try on before I buy though, no online purchases of jeans for me because it's just too risky to try and get your right size. My skinny jeans from Topshop have faded into a murky grey colour and they are generally quite crappy quality (although comfy as anything, so I'm still going to wear them to death!) Will have to try some on on my next shopping trip to a big city as they don't sell anything good in my town.

4. Something I really need is some good quality leggings. I need none-seethrough, none-sag, colourfast black leggings made from a good, sturdy material. I cannot stand leggings where you can see what you had for breakfast the day before. So far I have failed to find any up to the quality that I want. Topshop leggings are crap, Miss Selfridge are worse and as for Primark.. If anyone has any good suggestions as to what brand I should try next, please let me know in the comments! The leggings pictured below are from American Apparel, has anyone tried these out?

5. I'd also quite like a slouchy blazer, just for something different. I don't own a blazer, but if I got my skinny jeans/leggings sorted out, I'd like to pair it with one similar to the picture below, perhaps with a nice striped black and white t-shirt. I'm also after a slouchy white (none seethrough) vest top/tee which is long enough to wear with leggings, with a deep v or deep round neck. I've been searching for this item for literally years and am yet to find one that I like. I came close with a Forever 21 vest, but still a bit too seethrough for my liking! Any suggestions, again, would be much appreciated!

What's on your wishlist for the new year?

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