Tuesday, 28 February 2012

How to: Re-invent your scarves!

I really love wearing scarves with my outfits and have accumulated an array of colours and designs. Since the "Snood" or "Infinity/Endless" scarf has become popular on the highstreet I have been enjoying wearing these much more than the ordinary scarf but I didn't want to banish my pretty rectangle scarves to the back of my wardrobe.

Here's a quick and easy way to re-invent your regular scarves. Transform it from this scarf with unruly fly away ends:

To this flattering and easy to wear snood:

All you need is a scarf of your choice. I find this technique works best with regular rectangular fabric scarves.

Step one is to flatten out your scarf and fold in in half so both ends meet.

Step two. Grab one corner from the top layer of the folded scarf and the corner below it. Tie this in a double knot. Repeat the same process on the other two corners of the scarf.

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Step three. Put it on! Easy as that. Grab the knots you have just tied and bring them together. Hang it around your neck, twist and bring it over your head again like a regular snood.

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Easy as pie.

If you have a scarf which has a different colour or design on each side then you can add a twist into it before you tie the edges. This way you will be able to wear your scarf and show both sides at the same time. Like so:

Even though you have created two knots in your scarf, you can't see them when worn. Just make sure you place the knots at the nape of the neck and when you twist the second layer of scarf around your neck the knots will be covered up easily.

 So there you have it. From this:

To this...:

...in under a minute.

Hope you guys enjoy and try it out for yourself.

Scarves are from all over the highstreet and charity shops.
Striped dress is from Oasis, black cardi from Topshop and shoes are from Dorothy Perkins.


  1. Totally love this, definitely going to give this a go with my scarf's.

  2. Oo love this idea! Will definitely be giving it a go =) x