Sunday, 26 February 2012

Super Duper Shoe Collection

Hi guys. Thought I'd show you a peek into my wardrobe and give you a shoe collection post. These are some of my favourites and I thought some of you might be interested to see. I like seeing other peoples things so maybe you might like it too? Let's face it, us bloggers are all Nosey Parkers anyway aren't we!

Has anyone else done one already? I'd love to see it if you have. If you haven't I tag you to do one and like it in the comments here so I can go and have a gander :) 


So, here goes, pictures and reviews to follow:

These are my ultimate favourite boots of all time that I have ever owned...ever. I bought them this Christmas (2011) and they have pretty much been attached to my feet ever since. They are the 'Tundra' boots by Ash and the upper leather is literally THE softest, most supple leather I have ever felt. They are super sturdy and go with absolutely everything and are very me. Number one, hands down, no qualms the best shoes I have purchased in my life. No regrets! I got mine at a discount price from Urban Outfitters when they had a 24 hour sale day sometime or other before Christmas so I was stoked. I just looked where you can find these and they now seem to be out of stock pretty much everywhere in the black because I've just seen that they went down to 50% off!! *le sigh*

These next beauties are the Acne 'Pistol' boots. I, again purchased these last year some time when there was a special discount day on the website that I ordered them from. I ended up getting quite a bit of money off them, however they're still the most expensive boots that I have ever owned. Definitely my luxury booties but I bought them because of their simple design that I think will still be fashionable in years to come. They are very, very well made and are very comfortable, even for me. (I never wear heels casually!) The best thing about these boots is the fact that they look better with age. They also fit true to size. The only gripe I have (which isn't a gripe about these particular boots, really) is the fact that within a month of buying these pretty much EVERY SINGLE highstreet shop came out with an 'inspired' version of these boots...which pissed me off no end because then everybody had them, and I'm snobby like that, haha! 

Topshop came out with the AMBUSH boots. 
Dorothy Perkins came out with THESE.
Kurt Geiger came out with WILLOW booties.
Office have the NIKITA boots.
As well as loads more... so if you like THESE but don't want the price tag then maybe have a shop around for some bargain look-a-likes. The Acne boots fit true to size, I can't comment on the other alternatives.

These boots are some Carvela 'Saint' booties from TKMAXX that I got on Clearance for £20. They're available HERE but for an extortionate price...I didn't realise they were that much money still! Perhaps I shouldn't've studded them before looking just now! They had been sat on my shelf not doing anything so I decided to get creative on their ass and stud the hell out of them. To be honest with you, I've still not actually worn them yet, even after I've studded them but I'm quite content just looking at them right now. There will be a time and an outfit that I can pair these with, but for now they are just a DIY project that sit beautifully on my shoe shelf.

These are my go to comfy boots, my beloved black short classic UGGs. These were a gift from the other half for Christmas 2011. Again, like most of my shoes, we managed to get these on sale with £50 off when ASOS did an UGG discount event a while back. Not much to say about these boots really, everyone seems to own a pair and wear them to death because they're comfy as hell. I got mine HERE. They fit a bit tight when you first get them as the sheepskin inner is new and fluffy. Once you wear them in, they fit a little less snug.

Now these little beauties are another DIY studding project of mine. I used to wear these ALL the time when I was in college. The boots I snagged for a bargain from Ebay. They are the Office Marlon worker boots and I think they originally came to around £90-£100 but I got mine for around £25 if I remember correctly. I had some studs, again from ebay, and got creative. I'd seen this style of boot by Free People on various blogging sites and fell in love with them but couldn't justify the outrageous price tag for lovely looking boots that got absolutely shoddy reviews, so I just made my own. It took me about a week to get them both studded but I love the outcome. Unfortunately the boot is no longer available to buy.

These next boots are the Carvela Spinners and I was so excited to get these a couple of Christmases ago from my brother and his girlfriend. I used to wear them every day but for the past year or so they seem to have retired. I wasn't a fan of the soles as they were leather and quite slippy in wet weather, as well as the fact that they got little stones stuck in them all the time...and they clip-clopped when I walked. I wore them anyway, as I said, and the heels finally wore down enough for me to go and get them re-soled at the cobbler. I asked for a rubber sole to prevent slipping, which he put on for me so they're much better now...but since getting my Ash boots, they've unfortunately been sat on my shelf doing nothing for a good while. The spinners are no longer available to buy.

These are some wedge suede booties that I got from Office a couple of years ago. I can't remember what they're called but there are some still available online HERE that are basically exactly the same. I originally bought these to wear as casual boots, but I felt a bit funny wearing heels to college, so they retired to my odd night out with the girls. They are very comfortable for high heels and I can actually spend a night quite easily in these. I think the redeeming factor with these is the height of the ankle, which keeps your foot firmly in its place while you walk. They fit true to size. The only thing I don't really like about these, which is a personal preferece, is the fact that the heel curves inwards at the back and I would have preferred it to be straight down like the next pair of wedges you will see below these ones. 

Now THESE beauties are my favourite wedges. They are from ALDO and are called the 'Calcagni'. They are available HERE. I'm not sure why they say they are 'NEW' because I purchased mine over a year ago when they had first been released. Back then they were available in black suede (which are these ones) and black nubuck leather....but now they have loads of different colours available. Check them out HERE if you're interested. I have a bit of trouble with ALDO shoes sizings. I am a true size 4 but any shoe that I've had from there are always too big for me, so I have to wear an insole to keep these babies secure on my feet. Other than that (and the minging pull tab on the back of the heel...why?!) these are my perfect wedges and I love them dearly. Very comfortable to walk in with a sturdy wedge and rubber none-slip sole.
So if you're interested in these I'd suggest trying them on. I wouldn't say they are a whole size or even a half size on the big side, I just think that extra bit of padding you get from an insole is beneficial (for me anyway!)

These next shoes are the Carvela 'Arden' heels and I absolutely OBSESSED over these shoes for at least a year and a half before I was able to get my hands on them. I first saw them in the London Kurt Geiger shop, tried them on and fell instantly in love. This was quite a few years ago and I was young and had just spent all my money on actually GETTING to London, so I was put off by the price tag of £90 or so if I remember correctly. I think they were even in the sale, to be honest so £90 was way out of my league. I pined over them for the next few months and kept an eye out on ebay and online to see if I could snap them up but alas I couldn't. About a year later I was still thinking about them (because I'm sad) and tried googling them again and much to my surprise ONE SIZE 4 was available from Amazon for.... £44. I literally nearly died. Snapped them up straight away and haven't looked back since. Apart from maybe the times when I try and walk in them...They're definitely not the most comfortable shoes in the world and they are DEFINITELY higher than they look in these pictures. They fit quite snug and your foot feels as if it's on tippy toes, but they are still a few years later one of my favourite shoe purchases ever even though they haven't seen much action. As you can guess, they aren't available to buy any more.

These are my Topshop Kosy mustard loafers. They rip your heels to shreds but they are a bloody lovely looking shoe. I haven't actually worn the yellow ones out because I'm so afraid of ruining the light suede. 
I call them my banana shoes and I'm awaiting an outfit that I can pair them with (as well as waiting for none rainy, horrible weather!) No longer available to buy but there are loads of loafers around on the highstreet at the moment.

My Topshop 'Vectra' studded slipper loafers are absolutely amazing. So good, in fact, that I bought two pairs as I was imagining how sad I would be once I wore the first pair to death. I have the suede version which I don't think is available any more (apart from on ebay) but you can get a leathery look version from Topshop. I can only find the cream and gold stud version online HERE but I've definitely seen a black and silver version in the shops so you might want to look if you're interested. They fit true to size and unlike the Kosys they don't hack away at your heels when you walk! Hurrah!

These are my other Kosy loafers from Topshop. You can get a similar pair HERE, but they aren't exactly the same. These, again, gnaw at your ankles and cause blisters and a bloody mess but I've been trying to stand the pain to wear them in because I absolutely love them. Unlike the mustard ones you've just seen I've actually worn these out and they don't really look that mucky at all because they have black spots on anyway ;) They fit true to size but just remember to take some plasters out with you if you intend on walking more than 10 metres.

These next two pairs are just some regular flats which I like to wear with leggings in the summer. The black pair are from Dorothy Perkins and I got them on sale for a fiver. The grey pair are from BHS and I got them for a fiver as well. Nothing much to say about these really other than SPARKLESSSS WOOO!

These bad boys are my Kurt Geiger studded loafer/slippers. These were the bargain of the century as I got them at a Charity shop for £3. Comfiest shoes ever, I took them on holiday and they treated my feet well. Sad part is that the heel is now wearing down a bit because I've worn them so much. :( No idea what they're called because I couldn't find them online and I haven't come across anything similar to link you to, I'm afraid!

You've seen these next two pairs of slippers in a previous post. They are from Topshop and I got them on sale for £8 each. I've yet to wear them out because of the awful weather, but I can't wait to wear them in the summer (even though they're slippers, I'm definitely not taking any notice of that!) They are called the 'Elle' slippers and are true to size and very comfortable.

These shoes were an impulse buy and completely random. They are the Jeffrey Campbell 'Pencil Me In' flats and I think they are bloody fantastic. Being an art graduate I thought that they would be a perfect talking point when I visit exhibitions or events. I first saw them on a blog HERE and thought they were amazing so went on a hunt for them, only to find that they had been unavailable for years. I put my name down on modcloth for an email to tell me if they ever came back in stock. Not expecting to ever hear anything back, I received an email not even a couple of weeks after telling me that they were back! I bought them a half size up after reading reviews (the whole size up wasn't available) but they are absolutely tiny! If you can get your hands on these I'd DEFINITELY 100% recommend one FULL SIZE up. I've managed to stretch these a fair bit using various methods. The right shoe now fits okay, but the left shoe (my bigger foot) is still a bit too snug. I will carry on stretching though and hopefully they will be walkable-innable sometime soon when summer comes! I got mine HERE but they are, again, out of stock.

These are my Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse slingbacks. I got them from ebay years ago and wore them to death that summer. I must admit that I haven't worn them in the past year, but I fully intend on getting these babies out in the summer time.

Here are my Marc by Marc Jacobs mousey flats that again, I bought from ebay. Not sure if these are the real McCoy but they are very well made even if they're not. I love them dearly but haven't worn them in a while because I just can't stand the thought of blisters on my heels again. I will have to wear them when my heels have hardened up a bit. Not used to wearing flats as I've been living in boots all year due to the weather!

I wore these boots to absolute death a couple of years back when I bought them. They are my Dr Martens Triumph 1914 boot with ribbon laces. They did not leave my feet for months on end. I still love them to death and wear them on the odd occasion. They are comfy as feeeeeck and needed no breaking in what so ever. They are available HERE and are made in a variety of colours now. I'm 100% sure I didn't pay as much as they are selling for now. They seem to have hoiked up the price since they've become more popular. They fit a little bit big but I wouldn't recommend going a size down. I just wear big socks with them. They're Dr Martens after all, they're meant to be roomy. The annoying thing about these boots is the fact that you have to undo the laces EVERY time. They take a good 5 minutes to put on and take off so if you're going shopping they're not a good choice to wear if you're trying on clothes. They can be worn like this or folded down and secured by a buckle at the back of the heel. However, I never wear mine down as I don't think it suits my shape and the buckle on the heel annoyed the hell out of me. When I walked, it jangled and I couldn't stand it so I cut it off. They're perfect for me now. :)

And last but not least (congratulations if you're still here!!) is the newest addition to my collection. I've been looking at getting some Converse for absolutely ages and finally splashed out on them last month. I still begrudge paying £39.99 for them - I'm sure they've gone up, too?! But I've wanted some for EVER. So I bit my lip and handed over the dollar. I do love them. Just again, have to wait for warmer weather for them to be feasible to wear outdoors for an extended period of time. I wore them the other day and my toes honestly nearly fell off. They are true to size and are available in a number of places but I got mine HERE.

Well, that's it guys. I hope you liked it. Thanks for getting to this point, if there's any of you left!! These are my most interesting shoes. Obviously I have staples like work shoes and nude and black ballet pumps and the like but I decided that they were just not interesting enough! Haha. I've also realised I can talk to a brick wall about shoes, quite happily. Not sure if any of you care about my little reviews of each but at least I feel better for a long blog post. :)
See you next time!


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